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More insane metadrama from r/drama's offsite as the person he "exposed" as being a LARP doxxed him. Drama ensures as defenders of the larper and the creep FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! (rdrama.net)

TL;DR: A few users on rdrama supposedly exposed popular user and Black TERF Penny as a fraud, this leads to insane metadrama, users getting banned, one of the exposers Dwhite facedoxxing themselves, Penny doxxing his family, and Penny getting banned and shadowbanned from rdrama....

r/television user asks other how the new season of Futurama is so far. One user /u/MotherGass is not happy when others respond with a resounding "Meh" (old.reddit.com)

/u/MotherGass has made nearly half of all the comments in this thread disagreeing with literally everyone not beaming with positivity about the show. Including accusations towards those not liking the show of being anti-vaxxer, and how much he’s attracted to cartoon characters....

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