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sujan, in EasyJoin for macOS - test version 3.5_α6

after years of not using the app after moving to macos, i can finally use the app i enjoyed so much in my windows days. It looks stable till now. Thank you good sir.

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These alpha versions are not stable and expire after a period of time. Their purpose is to allow me to get suggestions from you and to know if they work in your system.
That said, if you have the Pro version for Android you will be able to use the app to its fullest functionality. In that case it would be helpful for me to know if you have found anything that is not working and/or can be improved.


yes i do have pro version. i hope this alpha version lasts me till the next one comes. I haven't had any issues so far except scrolling in messages section being abit choppy.

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Good to know. Messages list is a "lazy" stack, I'm not sure if it's me doing something wrong or if it's what SwiftUI can do.
Some features are in the menu bar, you will find different menu items depending on the tab you choose in the application.

anemomylos, (edited ) in Information about easy join
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You can read about EJClip here: https://easyjoin.net/faq.html?21. "accessibility service" mode is available only in "Pro" version.
There is also a free, stand-alone, private clipboard app, you can read more here: https://xdaforums.com/t/app-private-clipboard-keeps-your-clips-private.3964055/

To find the setting to give permission to the app to read notifications read this: https://easyjoin.net/faq.html?8. Follow the same instructions as for Android 12. Easier way is to open a "Trusted" device settings and enable "Send notifications", you'll get a prompt to open the device setting.

On Android TV the official method is to use the "Pro" or "Go TV" version of the app.
You can also side load the apk of the "Essential" version and use a mouse to navigate the app but since i don't really have test it i can't be sure if everything will work. In this case you'll need the app "SideApps - sideload launcher" that will let you open the sideloaded apps on Android TV.

anemomylos, (edited ) in Feature Requests
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I decided to create a page here, since I don't currently find reddit to be a good place to use it as a forum for my apps.

I know the message tab in the Windows app is a mess, it has several things wrong with it, for example, you can't scroll through messages using the arrows on the keyboard. The problem is that it's a native WPF component that has to be used or thrown away altogether, you can configure some things but not much more. I found a compromise in its configuration that makes it usable but that's all.

It might be useful to have a filter on the page where outgoing notifications are configured that shows only apps that have been installed lately. I wouldn't like to see a popup when entering the app with the newly installed apps because I find it intrusive but a filter might be useful.

What I would like to do now is to resume the development of the native application for macOS, with SwiftUI and all the other things that a native application in that operating system can offer. I hope to be able to find the time to complete this project.

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For the caller, is it possible to turn off the ringtone on the calling feature within Easyjoin? The ringtone should only play on the receiver. Maybe a ringing status on the caller phone.

Ex: The calling phone blasting the ringtone on the speaker masks the ringtone on the receiver phone while trying to find it.

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Currently there is no option to do what you suggest. But, if you only want to find the other device, you can use the "poke" functionality.

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