Feature Requests (kbin.social)

I hope you are doing great. Easyjoin is one of the first app I install on my Android devices. Thank you so much for making the app privacy friendly. It hasn't received update in a while so it was nice seeing you moved to kbin.

I'd like to share some feature requests and suggestions if you don't mind. 😁

  • [Windows/Android] Delete notifications automatically after custom days.
  • [Windows] Scrolling through the messages is CPU intensive
  • [Android] Detect new apps and ask for outgoing notification permission
  • [Android] Move the share button to the bottom in the "Send it" screen
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I decided to create a page here, since I don't currently find reddit to be a good place to use it as a forum for my apps.

I know the message tab in the Windows app is a mess, it has several things wrong with it, for example, you can't scroll through messages using the arrows on the keyboard. The problem is that it's a native WPF component that has to be used or thrown away altogether, you can configure some things but not much more. I found a compromise in its configuration that makes it usable but that's all.

It might be useful to have a filter on the page where outgoing notifications are configured that shows only apps that have been installed lately. I wouldn't like to see a popup when entering the app with the newly installed apps because I find it intrusive but a filter might be useful.

What I would like to do now is to resume the development of the native application for macOS, with SwiftUI and all the other things that a native application in that operating system can offer. I hope to be able to find the time to complete this project.

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For the caller, is it possible to turn off the ringtone on the calling feature within Easyjoin? The ringtone should only play on the receiver. Maybe a ringing status on the caller phone.

Ex: The calling phone blasting the ringtone on the speaker masks the ringtone on the receiver phone while trying to find it.

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Currently there is no option to do what you suggest. But, if you only want to find the other device, you can use the "poke" functionality.

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