Which microblogging platform should i ideally host?

Opinions on which microblogging federated platform is currently the most stable yet developed one ? I am currently hosting a gotosocial one, but the federation is sometimes a little iffy, so i am in need of some help on deciding what would be the best one to host while being compatible with most of the fediverse.

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  • aldalire,

    Firefish looks cute AF

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    Pleroma should work, but I’d also raise an issue with GoToSocial about the specific issues you’re facing as well.

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    What are the reasons you don’t want to use Mastodon?


    too heavy for my server as i already host this lemmy instance and don’t have enough money left to upgrade it

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    I would use GoToSocial

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    Too late to switch over to mbin then?

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    Pleroma in that case I guess


    gotosocial might we worth checking out. It provides Mastodon-compatible APIs (so you can run Mastodon clients and UIs against it) but it’s less resource hungry and easier to deploy (in my experience). The caveat is that it’s less mature.

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    From the criteria you gave mastodon seems like the obvious option.

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