Looks a little weak, to be honest. As a fellow Western Washingtonian, I was hoping it would look good and give me a reason to go. But those fries are skinny and sad and the curds are lacking.


They fresh-cut the potatoes to order. Yep, a little thin but very fresh. Closest I’ve gotten here in the US to Canadian poutine fries are actually the fries from Five Guys. I’m just here on vacation for the week (from Arizona) and saw this on the menu. It was actually pretty good tasting. Fries were similar to In N Out actually.

The place used to be a food truck. I didn’t get anything else but before we head back I might return and try something else off the menu. 4.5/5 on Yelp which is why we went.


And just for good measure, poutine tots. Lot more poutine in this corner of the country than I expected. Tots


C’est quoi c’te tas de marde là?


Are there any decent alternative for curds? In my country they are impossible to find and importing food is such a pain in the butt. Will something like burrata or buffalo moz work as a somewhat decent alternative?

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Canadian poutine eater here.... IMO sadly there is no substitute for the curds. They are just texturally unique. It's quite important considering it's one of only three ingredients.

I know your pain though, I was living in the states for a bit and it was basically impossible to get good poutine. If I wanted it I had to make it myself, which meant a long trip to Tillamook to buy cheese curds from the source direct.


curds are a nonmelting squeaky cheese product. Paneer is the closest thing I can think of. Farmers cheese/quark maybe?


Ooh, paneer should be possible to source around here, I think.

Thanks for the suggestion!


A little skimpy on the cheese curds.


Agreed. It was classified as an appetizer, though.


Poutines should always be piled high with cheese curds. You should talk with your local lawmakers.


Being from Phoenix, that won’t do much. I had teriyaki for dinner since that’s apparently a Washington thing. Enjoyed it just as much.

@Lowered_lifted@lemmy.world avatar

Never really thought of Anacortes as a good food town, more like a place to stop on the way to the islands, but I bet this is pretty good.


It was. Our first time here, on a week’s vacation.


You’ve ruined poutine. Well, for me you have.


I love the plain version but I asked them to put this on top because I’ve had it before and really liked it. Look up “La Savoyarde” from La Banquise in Montreal. That is the best poutine remix I’ve ever eaten.


I live in Kentucky. Very difficult to find poutine here. I have made it at home to satisfy the craving. Your post did make me hungry despite your heathenish onions. Lol.


Seriously, try it. Or one or two other favourite toppings, a lot of things go great with poutine as a base.

  • Costco cheese curds - they sell Arizona Farms brand new n Phx but any would likely do
  • Five guys fries - closest to the real Quebec experience as far as I’ve found
  • Any brand jar of brown gravy

Here’s a pic I took of La Savoyarde. It was “last meal on earth” level. Not exaggerating. La Savoyarde

@MaxVoltage@lemmy.world avatar

hear me out fresh white onions chopped on top with mustard instead of that brown substance yall northys eat but thats a whole different dish 🥴


This Canadian approves.


This American approves too. Poutine is awesome! And this looks delicious!

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I have no strong feelings one way or another.

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Which number is more fun, +1 or -1?


Just my opinion as a canadian, I must admit that you are wrong. They skimped out on the curds (which no place in quebec would ever do), put very sad and skinny fries that look barely cooked… The onions are fine I guess, really depends on who’s eating it.


You’re not wrong - It can definitely be improved, and I agree that it should ideally be thick-cut fries and more curds. But as far as “poutine” goes in the USA, I think they’ve passed their test. It’s not an honour-roll poutine, but not a failure either. No shredded cheddar, no “side of gravy”, and the fried onions aren’t a bastardization, just a variation like smoked-meat poutines and such.

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