What are you're favorite FOSS games to play and why?

I love Endless Sky, it's honestly one of my favorite games! I have a pack of cool SciFi art that I found on Nexus and I've been slowly replacing the stock photos for my personal game. I'm also a sucker for TeeWorlds, it is delightfully infuriating and hillarious to play. I know that's baby's first FOSS games but I'm new to open source games. That's why I want to hear your recommendations and see what are some other good ones out there.

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  • Flare: best hack and slash RPG
  • Hedgewars: best coffee break
  • Neverputt (from Neverball): also coffee break but peaceful
  • SuperTuxKart: fun racing game if you have a controller
  • Extreme Tux Racer: relaxing skiing
  • Xonotic: most popular fast-paced FPS
  • Red Eclipse: similar, but parkour!
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I love SuperTuxKart! I really like the user generated content, I had a mod that let me play as the F-Droid character. I ended up having a whole cast of FOSS mascots that aren't in the base game.


It’s OpenTTD, hands down. I think source ports and game reimplementations are where open source shines its best.


The game that I probably go back to the most frequently is Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. While it looks like any other roguelike on one level, it has a bunch of different interacting systems, story elements scattered around (if you only find one cataclysm, then you're not looking hard enough), and has a debugging system that (if you're not interested in the action-oriented aspects) can be used to cheat and turn the game into exploring the randomly generated world.


Oh wow endless Sky looks interesting. I have been trying out Space Station 14 as of late. Quite cool game with a crazy community. I would like to have a German server though.

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Haven't played lately, but used to enjoy bzflag a fair bit




looks like nobody mentioned Warzone2100 yet. SciFi rts. I don't know how many hours I lost to OpenTTD. Bitburner was FOSS too, I guess. I might check my library later to extend the list...


Here's my favourites:

Blob wars is a 2d platform/shooter that is great fun (great sound effects and hilariously excessive gore).

Warzone 2100 is an RTS with a "neoclassic" appeal (something that would have felt like "the future of RTS" back when you played Command&Conquer).

Battle of Wesnoth is a hex-grid strategy games with loads of mods and campaigns.


The Battle for Wesnoth is my all-time favorite FOSS. Can't understate it.


I used to play hours on OpenTTD, but I don't really play anything currently


The commercial original was already a timeless classic and the open source remake is just that but more of it.


This is the game to come back to regularly, and a rare multiplayer enabled builder too!

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Of course, you can't beat SuperTux. I also play a little MineTest on my older machines.

  • osu!lazer: One of the best open source (rythm) games imo
  • Pioneer: A cozy space sim
  • JStris Just a multiplayer Tetris website
  • Not "open source" per-se, but games on Tic80 have the code available>

My personal favourite is Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, although it's quite tricky to get into and still brutally difficult, even if you are in it.

It's similar in concept to Shattered Pixel Dungeon, which others have mentioned here. Maybe try that one first. 🙃


Wait wait wait, is it the game where barbarian is a character that allows you to get pretty far into the game as a beginner or something like that? If so then there's a korean comic inspired by this game: https://www.asurascans.com/manga/4569947261-surviving-the-game-as-a-barbarian/


Holy shit I love fantasy webtoons and I love roguelikes. This is amazing!


Shattered Pixel Dungeon the most active fork of pixel dungeon, a rogue like dungeon crawler:

Pros: Simply fun

Polished AF

Has a lot of well balanced items, enemies and unique classes/sub-classes (giving it infinite replayability) actively updated

Also has a lot of great and unique forks (commonly called "Mods" by the community) such as Rat King Adventure

Has good support for both PC and phones (I also think it works well with controllers)


You will die

You will die a lot (don't worry, it's worth the pain)


0ad hands down

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