FPGA Gaming

FPGBC KIT: Gameboy FPGA Replacement Kit (funnyplaying.com)

FEATURES Simulating real hardware using FPGA Supports hardware cartridge Features USB-C compatibility for easy firmware updates Higher sound quality speakers INCLUDED 1 x FPGBC PCB 1 x Panel(Including adapter ribbon) 1 x 2w speaker 1 x 1800mAH battery TYPEC housing (Need to purchase separately) NOTES The kit only...

MiSTer: Latest version of the MiSTer Extensions suite (by wizzomafizzo and co.) brings a NFC tag management frontend. (github.com)

"Very happy to announce a new frontend for the #MiSTerFPGA NFC script by Ziggurat (sigboe)! Browse and write games to NFC tags from your MiSTer, craft custom commands, manage the mappings. Now included as "nfcui" in the Scripts menu, available now through downloader and update_all" - @wizzomafizzo on your favorite...

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