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Classic Everquest

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Satisfactory (Early Access, but very polished)


Oh man Satisfactory is a whole other level of Early Access. I forget that it isn't a released game most of the time I play it.


OP is looking for 3rd person


Geocaching can be 3rd person if you're small enough to ride someone else around like master blaster.

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  1. Wear Android AR goggles.

  2. Wear helmet.

  3. Attach selfie stick to helmet pointing backwards; counterweight on front if required for balance.

  4. Stick webcam on end of selfie stick facing self from behind.

  5. Fire up camera app on Android, select webcam as source.


My favorite game: Nausea Simulator


Have you tired Elden Ring?


Red Dead Redemption 2 is my favourite open world game of all time, it just feels amazing to be in. Less popularly, for something similar to BOTW, you could also try Genshin Impact.

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Outward absolutely nails the sense of adventure and discovery. It's pretty low budget and janky but it is probably the best open world RPGs I've played in recent years


Is comparable to Kenshi?

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🤣🤌🏼 It's suuuper janky, and largely feels like a lower gen game (i.e. early 90s) with revamped graphics only.

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Sable and Tchia are both fantastic third person open world games.

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The Division 2 has been a huge time sink for me recently. It's surprisingly deep. Never played the 1st or 2nd until now because I heard bad things, but I'm really enjoying.


I actually did play the first The Division game but that was quite a MP game and it was to play with mates. Most ppl Ik has moved on from gaming lol. Is it good solo too?

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I've put a bunch of solo time into it and I've enjoyed personally. Ymmv.


I just finished Ghostwire: Tokyo and enjoyed it more than I expected given the tepid reviews. It’s first person but I found the combat satisfying. It’s easy to play in small doses if you don’t have much time. If you have PlayStation Plus Extra, it’s in the catalog.


Ghost of Tsushima was really good!


Agreed! The fluidity of the controls and the overall ambiance of this game really hooked me.

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I wish it would come to pc


Pre-cata WoW

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If you’re into open world sandbox RPGs, you can’t get more open world sandboxy than Kenshi! It’s all third person point of view and you sort of manage a whole squad opposed to a single person. There is a whole base building mechanic, there’s a tech tree that you can research through, you can create and sell your own weapons, you can do you trading runs in between cities, you could be a lone Ronin wandering the desert sands, or a religious zealot being a xenophobic jerk who hate robot people (there are robot people), aliens (mhmm, them too) and women (ofc)! The possibilities are endless, especially since there’s no actual storyline! Oh, there’s a bunch of little Easter eggs about how the world (def not Earth, too many moons) got to this point but you’re not gonna spawn in a dungeon being pointed at the big bad (is the slave start in Rebirth canon? I have so many mods I’ve forgotten) you’re probably just gonna appear in the middle of the canyon, and then make the mistake of fighting goats, but the goats are stronger than you, so they beat you into unconsciousness, and while you’re lying there, waiting to become conscious once more some bandits rob you and a slaver comes by and picks you up and sells you into slavery. It’s a good time I promise. Oh, but be warned, there’s a lot of skills and it’s kind of grindy, a little like a single player MMO. It’s great and I love it.


the four genders:

  • lone robin
  • religious zealot
  • alien
  • woman

There's some friendly humans in the bottom right corner of the map! Definitely good humans.

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I loved Days Gone. The combat/story/exploration/rpg elements all really hit the sweet spot for me. The progression was really satisfying too, once you get to the point you’re taking on entire hordes


Truly an underrated game. It's excellent.


Do you have a single fact to back that up?


The game got very mixed reviews on release. I even took a long time until I tried the game because people weren't really recommending it.

Even the sequel was canceled.

But at the same time, I feel that more people are now understanding that reviews mean fuck all and until you try the game you won't know if you like it.


I was just saying the Deus Ex thing.


If you want a fresh different experience on the genre you have to give Gothic a try.

It looks like shit but the fact that kind of openness has not been evolved is yet another proof we can't have nice, creative things.


I don't care about the graphics but I've always read that the controls are shit.

I'm thinking on buying the gothic games now that they are on sale, though. Morrowind is one of my favorite games and if this one resembles it even if it's a tiny bit, I could deal with the clunkiness.


They grow on you faster than one would imagine. I think it's worth a free try just to see something radically different...

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