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Game designer created a Playdate game to pop the question to the love of his life (

Game designer Aaron (Pikaaroon) today showcased how he built a game to propose to his partner. Having previously worked on Sea of Thieves and Warcraft III: Reforged, he’s no stranger to creating colossal playable experiences. For this incredibly important moment in his life, though, he chose to work with the Playdate. Which I...

Sky: Children of the Light - Players Offering to Take Your Hand (

In Sky: Children of the Light you can let yourself get taken by the hand, and the other player guides/plays for you and you barely need to do anything anymore. Felt a bit absurd and funny, but interesting nonetheless. Certainly unique. It was also very good to eat some snacks and watch yourself progress while doing so. bee happy...

Baldur's Gate 3 actors reveal the darker side of success fuelled by AI voice cloning (

The cat is out of the bag and despite many years of warning before this and similar technology became widely available, nobody was really prepared for it - and everyone is solely acting in their own best interests (or what they think their best interests to be). I think the biggest failure is that despite there being warnings...

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