Haskell Interlude 43: Ivan Perez (haskell.foundation)

In this episode, Wouter and Andres interview Ivan Perez, a senior research scientist at NASA. Ivan tells us about how NASA uses Haskell to develop the Copilot embedded domain specific language for runtime verification, together with some of the obstacles he encounters getting to end users to learn Haskell and adopt such an EDSL.

# [ANN] `botan-bindings` & `botan-low` `` released (discourse.haskell.org)

Today, I am happy to announce the initial release of the botan-bindings and botan-low packages to hackage. This is the result of more than 7 months of sustained effort to provide a series of bindings to the Botan C++ cryptography library, and was made possible through support from the Haskell Foundation and funding provided by...

th-deepstrict: Enforcing deep strictness properties using Template Haskell (tracsis.github.io)

Excessive laziness is a common worry when analyzing the performance characteristics of Haskell programs. It can lead to higher than expected memory usage due to heap objects being retained for longer than necessary. This is known as a “space leak”. Like any other performance issue, it can be tricky to track down and fix,...

Why Haskell? - Virtual Roundtable Event (discourse.haskell.org)

Hello everyone, Join me on March 14th for an engaging event centered around all things Haskell. Our lineup includes fantastic speakers Pierre Thierry, Ashesh Ambasta, Roel van Dijk, Christiaan Baaij Bas van Gijzel and Nicolas Biri who will delve into their personal journeys, the community, tackling challenges, and much more....

Haskell Interlude 42: Jezen Thomas (haskell.foundation)

Jezen Thomas is co-founder and CTO of Supercede, a company applying Haskell in the reinsurance industry. In this episode, Jezen, Wouter and Joachim talk about his experience using Haskell in industry, growing a diverse and remote team of developers, and starting a company to create your own Haskell job.

ZuriHac 2024 takes place 8-10 June, registration now open (discourse.haskell.org)

Hi Friends of Haskell, It is our pleasure to announce that ZuriHac 2024 will take place Saturday 8 June - Monday 10 June 2024 as a physical event at the Rapperswil-Jona campus of the OST Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences. The focus of ZuriHac is being a community event and hackathon, but we will also have some...

[Well-Typed] The Haskell Unfolder Episode 18: computing constraints (well-typed.com)

Sometimes, for example when working with type-level lists, you have to compute with constraints. For example, you might want to say that a constraint holds for all types in a type-level list. In this episode, we will explore this special case of type-level programming in Haskell. We will also revisit type class aliases and take...

Haskell Interlude 41: Mike Angermann (haskell.foundation)

Today, Matthías and Joachim are interviewing Moritz Angermann. Moritz knew he wanted to use Haskell before he knew Haskell, fixed cross-compilation as his first GHC contribution. We'll talk more about cross-compilation to Windows and mobile platforms, why Template Haskell is the cause of most headaches, why you should be...

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