Charting a course toward a stable API for GHC (discourse.haskell.org)

The Haskell ecosystem has accumulated a wealth of developer tools over the years. Some of them, such as Hoogle and HLint, have existed for nearly two decades, while others, such as the Haskell Language Server and Retrie, are much more recent. GHC has changed substantially in that time, and this presents a significant challenge...

The Haskell Interlude Episode 33 - David Christiansen, outgoing ED of the Haskell Foundation (haskell.foundation)

In this farewell interview with David Thrane Christiansen, the outgoing Executive Director of the Haskell Foundation, hosts Wouter Swierstra and Matthías Páll Gissurarson use the opportunity to reflect on his tenure as ED, the recent history of the Haskell Foundation, where the HF is going and what consider if you want to...

Call for volunteers: a CLC proposal to improve the printing of IO errors (discourse.haskell.org)

On the HF Slack instance, a user dropped by with a request: can programs that fail due to missing files be better about reporting to users which file was missing? The user in question is providing feedback about how many programs in Haskell can be improved in one fell swoop, but they’re not really in a position to fix it...

Outlawing return types in Servant APIs (jship.github.io)

This post demonstrates how to outlaw specific return types from servant APIs. Perhaps we have types that are intended for backend use only, or maybe the types are legal in one API but illegal in another yet the backend code is a monolith. Whatever the reason, we can encode a type-level assertion over a servant API that produces...

An opportunity that I couldn't pass up (discourse.haskell.org)

Dear Haskell Community, Since May, 2022, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of serving as the Executive Director of the Haskell Foundation. As many of you know, I’ve had a deep and abiding interest in dependently-typed programming, formal verification, compile-time metaprogramming, and programmer tooling. A rare opportunity...

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