bbelderbos, to rust avatar

I shipped my first crate (= package) to (= package index) 🎉

It's a little command line tool to search @pybites content:

$ psearch
Usage: search <search_term> [<content_type>] [--title-only]

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popey, to rust avatar

I have just noticed (on my snap charts) a "significant" jump in installs of Halloy (the modern cross-platform client written in ).

Looks like it's now a 'featured' app in the Snap Store. Thanks Snap Store admins.


(where "significant" is double-digits)


ljrk, to rust avatar

Playing around with as an alternative to (I hate Python :'D) -- it's a bit bumpy and you have to enable features such as "UInt8" but otherwise it's quite neat to crunch some big JSON files

bbelderbos, to rust avatar

Are you looking to create your own tech blog? 💡

A static site generator + GitHub Pages is a great combo. 😍

I started to use Zola to document my learning (Zola is written in Rust) and it's easy to use, has nice themes and is super fast. 🏃 📈

andre, to blender avatar

Today I watched

How I made a 3D Level in a 2D Game -

over lunch.

Interesting! So much math going on here.
Not diving deep but explaining the high level concepts.

I had wondered similar questions for SVG in the past. Seeing this makes me believe it's doable.

Don't have the time to knee into it at the moment.

pludikovsky, to Matrix avatar

Testing iamb¹ as #Matrix client. Seems to scratch my itch for an experience a la #irssi but without needing an #IRC bridge or similar.

Bonus points for being written in #Rust, #vim keybindings, and being able to display images in (supported) terminals.


deavid, to foss avatar
bd103, to bevy avatar

In 0.14 some traits such as AssetReader have been converted to use the recently stabilized async fn as compared to returning a BoxedFuture. This change unfortunately makes these traits no longer object safe. To fix this, erased versions of the traits were created (such as ErasedAssetReader) that do support being used with dyn.

I opened, which is a proposal to add #[diagnostic::not_object_safe] to point users towards the erased forms. Check it out!

emocoder, to rust avatar

is a very good replacement for #C. It's fast, doesn't have a runtime, and as unreadable as C. Maybe even less readable.

lily, to rust avatar

what's a good problem to use for benchmarking async i/o implementations?

ideally it should be simple, and async io should drastically outperform sync io.

coreutils like cat are simple, but not async-favored.

things like managing http connections are great applications of async, but are very complicated.

anyone have any ideas?

teajaygrey, to rust avatar

In yet another example of things which do not inspire confidence in Rust, nor things written in Rust:

"This port has been deleted. This page will exist till another port with the name 'rust' comes into existence."


hko, to rust avatar

I'm excited to announce the release of oct v0.11.0 🚀️

oct is a tool for inspecting, configuring and using cards 🔒 (

oct can now set up cards in mode, the text output format was improved for readability, and some minor bugs were fixed.

Finally, version 0.11.0 uses , a pure OpenPGP library 🦀.
As a result, the binary on links to four fewer dynamic libraries, while at the same time being 10% smaller.

ekuber, to rust avatar

Niko Matsakis, as usual, with insightful ideas about how to evolve Rust's lifetimes to make them both more powerful and easier to use.

deavid, to devlog avatar - Unhaunter Demo - Release v0.2.2 - 2024-06-02

Unhaunter is a FOSS 2D isometric game about paranormal investigation - I'm still on the early stages of development.

jakub, to security avatar

I noticed that #Zed automatically downloads a NodeJS binary from without asking or even informing the user about it. Right after starting it and opening a file, without doing anything else. Then it installs some packages from npmjs via npm. And there’s no option to disable it.

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE! I can’t stress enough how bad this is from #security point of view. And not just that, consider users on metered connections

#ZedEditor #cybersec #Rust

kubikpixel, to rust avatar

«Methods Should Be Object Safe»
– by @noracodes


claudijo, to rust

Just published an update to my video game prototype Pirate Sea Jam written in #rust using the #bevy game engine. Also check out the corresponding dev log about #sailing physics simulation.

LGUG2Z, to rust avatar
Soblow, to rust avatar

Is there a way in Rust to use standard lib traits (Ord, Eq, Into/From...) with async functions?
Perhaps a crate or something?
Or must it be a separate function implemented for the structs?

kubikpixel, to rust German avatar

Ja und Nein, denn Rust ist im grunde sicherer aber auch das kommt darauf an wie mensch es umsetzt. Ich vertraue Rust mehr als anderes Coding, ich schau mir die Libs-Daten an.

»Speichersicherheit – Fast 20 Prozent aller Rust-Pakete sind potenziell unsicher:
Nach Angaben der Rust Foundation verwendet etwa jedes fünfte Rust-Paket das Unsafe-Keyword. Meistens werden dadurch Code oder Bibliotheken von Drittanbietern aufgerufen.«


dln, to rust avatar

demo running nicely on Arch Linux using Proton Experimental.

This is so wonderful, @h3r2tic @anaopara - so excited for the release!

jarkko, to rust avatar

I think there would be still space for systems programming language with a constraint from day zero that it would 1:1 compatible with plain C”s binary layout and memory model:

  1. Roughly just .text, .bss, .rodata and ,data.
  2. No symbol mangling at all.

All the memory safety etc. fancy features would be then designed within exactly those constraints.

is essentially a derivative of C++ when compiled to binary, which does not really make it a strong competitor for plain #C. It can substitute C in many cases for sure, just like C++ did, but there’s always need for minimal systems programming language, which also looks elegant in binary, not just in source code.

A compiled C program can be quite easily understood with a binary with no debug symbols at all if you understand the CPU architecture well enough. That is, and will be a strong asset for C.

mobileatom, to rust avatar

Rust Tutorial – Learn Advanced Iterators & Pattern Matching by Building a JSON Parser.

Posted into Coding is Living @coding

jgayfer, to gamedev avatar

I published my first plugin for Bevy! 🎉

🕯️bevy_light_2d is a general purpose 2d lighting crate for Bevy.

It’s designed to be simple to use, yet expressive enough to fit a variety of use cases.

⭐️ GitHub

#gamedev #bevy #rustlang #rust

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