Top server is unRaid (ryzen 3600 with 64gb of RAM), currently rocking a 16TB array. I just finished an all SSD ZFS pool to handle VM images and game libraries. ZFS deduplication works fantastically in a house with multiple steam users.
The system is running nextcloud, searxng, tdarr server, paperless-ng, youtube-dl, omada controller, proton mail bridge, and komga in docker containers. It's also handling a windows VM for blue iris, home assistant VM, and an Ubuntu mate VM to handle all the *arr applications.
Going down the rack the main network switch is a 12 port Zyxel (8 gigabit ports, 2 2.5gig ports, and 2 sfp+ ports)
Bellow that I have a 2u box with an ASRock embedded Celeron 4105. It's currently running opnsense, the larger 2u box means all the pcie slots can be filled with half height nics.
Bellow that is a thin 1 u box that has an ASRock embedded pentium j5040 running my nginx reverse proxy and hosting my company website. I could virtualize nginx easily but I like having it as a dedicated appliance.
The nzxt case is running Ubuntu server on a ryzen 3600 with a 1080ti to handle plex, tdarr transcoding, deepstack for camera AI. Hopefully a dalle instance soon but I was having some trouble getting that running.
To the left of the white case is a 1500 volt amp ups and to right is a 10 amp variable power supply, with voltage and current limiting.

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