Selfhosting with friends

Looking for photo storage with face recognition

The Google Photos feature of finding photos of a specific person in your collection by their face is the key feature my wife really loves. Is there a self-hosted tool (ideally Synology NAS compaible) that gives similar functionally I could have more control over how it’s using/analyzing our photos, rather than needing to trust...

Cannot figure out elasticsearch and owncloud. (

I need some help figuring out elastic search. My end goal at the moment is to get the full text search owncloud app working. They are both in docker containers (docker compose). I am able to input my url in the owncloud settings (http://es01:9200) and hit setup index. After that it does not index anything or I think pass on...

ELI5 resources for publishing self hosted services (

So, couple years ago i started to learn about tech, programming and self hosting services thanks to redditors ( not reddit the evil corp ), and found lots of communities where they pointed me to good resources but then ended up allocating more time to learning programming to switch career into that field and finally got it....

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