Serbian tschetnicks did the same in Bosnia 1992-1995. In addition they systematically kill civilians, raped womens and kill babies. Same old story about “ethnic cleansing”


Just like the Nazis. “They’re subhuman, but look at all their nice stuff!”


They've already stolen the of millions of dollars from Palestinian banks and money exchanges. I guess now that all the easy loot is gone, they're just picking up the loose change.


They’re not done either. They’re stealing the land too. And probably organs as well.


Shocked. Shocked I am.

The most moral army in the world pillaging? Next you’re going to tell me they’re raping women too!

Cease Fire and Withdrawal Now. Or BDS.

@Deceptichum@sh.itjust.works avatar

Don’t forget using children and doctors as human shields.


Everytime you think they can’t go lower…

@FuglyDuck@lemmy.world avatar

The only bit that surprises me here is that there’s anything left to loot.

I mean, we’ve all seen the aerial footage of the devastation.

@P00P_L0LE@lemmy.ml avatar

Most moral army in the world btw


Of course they are…?

@queermunist@lemmy.ml avatar

It’s kinda illegal.

Throw it on the pile.

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