Poetry Readers of kbin

Toward a Speculative Poetics of Translation: Janine Beichman’s Translation from Japanese of Ishigaki Rin’s “This Overflowing Light: Selected Poems” (readingintranslation.com)

In the volume’s artful and engaging introduction, Beichman calls our attention to several correspondences with contemporary poetics: first, there is the speculative orientation of Ishigaki’s work, capable of uncanny leaps in spatial and temporal perspective. Then there is its under-explored connection to eco-critical...

A Q&A with Afro-Latina author and poet Melania Luisa Marte (repeatingislands.com)

Melania Luisa Marte is the author of Plantains and Our Becoming (Tiny Reparations Books, August 2023). National Book Award–winning author Elizabeth Acevedo (author of Clap When You Land and Family Lore) calls Marte’s book “a full-throated war cry; both a request for anointment and the responding bendición.” The book...

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