New Shell Files Could Aid Climate Cases, Attorneys Say (

Newly-discovered Shell documents dating back decades could help strengthen lawsuits aiming to hold the oil major to account for climate damages, climate attorneys say. Among the files, reported for the first time today by DeSmog and Follow The Money, and published on Climate Files, there is a 1970 industry journal article where...

Conservative commentators and right-wing Christian media deny climate change by claiming God controls the weather (

Conservative pundits and right-wing Christian media figures have rejected the scientific consensus that human activity is fueling the warming climate and exacerbating extreme weather events, instead claiming that God controls the weather and attributing natural disasters to “demonic attack,” biblical prophecy, or a supposed...

This Antarctic glacier dramatically retreated. Then, its ice shelf totally collapsed (

Cadman Glacier in Antarctica retreated 5 miles in just 2.5 years, causing its ice shelf to collapse, according to scientists who used satellite images and ocean measurements. Higher ocean temperatures likely hastened the glacier's deterioration, which contributes to global sea level rise. This indicates potential similar threats...

The Land Opens in Iceland! Magma advances beneath Grindavik, Volcano (

In the town of Grindavík, Iceland, a significant geological event is unfolding. Magma has been detected advancing beneath the town, causing a series of intense earthquakes and leading to the evacuation of over 3,000 residents1. The magma intrusion, which is believed to be larger than those that led to eruptions in 2021, 2022,...

Honolulu’s Climate Suit Against Big Oil Advances Towards Trial (

A lawsuit filed by the city and county of Honolulu against nearly a dozen fossil fuel companies is moving towards trial in Hawaii after the Hawaii Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected the companies’ arguments for dismissing the case on appeal. Honolulu first sued 10 fossil fuel companies — including BP, Chevron, Shell,...

Gagged and grief-stricken, yet defiant: Ecologists and climate scientists reveal devastating culture of suppression (

The beauty and wonder of the natural world is what keeps scientists like Dana Bergstrom fighting to protect it. She's one of many who say speaking out comes at a cost but not speaking up can take an even greater personal toll.

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