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Attention skateboard fans: VR Skater comes to Meta Quest (

VR Skater: SL will be available in the Meta Quest Store for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro on April 11th, 2024. Built specifically for VR, the game offers an authentic skating experience where the skateboards are controlled solely with the VR controllers. This allows for precise tricks and grabs. There is a progression...

Tactical VR Shooter Breachers Adds Ranked Competitive Mode (

One of the biggest post-launch updates yet following the Arctic and Ship maps, Breachersintroduced a ranked competitive mode that begins with Season Zero. Previously detailed in a deep dive, you can play alone or with a team and you’ll earn your initial rank after five placement matches. That’s split into the following tiers...

Netflix is Selling the ‘3 Body Problem’ Headset, But Sadly It’s Just a Prop (

Netflix is selling the headset featured in its latest TV series *3 Body Problem, *which heavily features characters accessing a shared virtual reality. Unfortunately, it’s just a prop—but it’s actually pretty cool as far as nonfunctional collectibles go.

Spatial Personas Coming to Apple Vision Pro in Beta Today (

Apple previewed Spatial Personas at WWDC last year. Unlike the existing Personas feature, which is confined to a tile and facial expressions only, Spatial Personas allow Vision Pro users to “break out of the familiar FaceTime tile and feel more present, like they are gathered in the same physical space.” They feature a...

Trans people are turning to VR as society fails them (

Metaverse game VRChat, where users can embody any avatars they like from e-boys to furries to a cursed Marge Simpson, is one of the biggest VR social platforms by user numbers. According to users Mashable spoke to, it’s also the most common social VR platform trans people are playing. One of the main reasons that VRChat is...

Flat2VR Studios finds investment partner for official VR ports (

On X, Hartmann Capital’s Metaverse analyst JP Minetos announced the partnership. He says that PC VR ports such as Half-Life 2: VR Mod have been downloaded more than 10 million times and points to the success of the standalone VR port of Resident Evil 4, which has become one of the most popular Quest games....

Vision Pro and Quest 3 Hand-tracking Latency Compared (

Using a screen capture from the [Vision Pro] which views both the passthrough hand and the virtual hand, we can see how many frames it takes between when the passthrough hand moves and when the virtual hand moves. […] we found this to be about 3.5 frames. At the capture rate of 30 FPS, that’s 116.7ms. Then we add to that...

Inventive Spatial Billiards Concept Hits Quest App Lab (

We don’t normally cover games this early in development, but Hayden Jackson’s spatial adaptation of pool caught our eye. The app, called 3D Pool right now, exchanges the familiar cue used in games like ForeVR Poolfor a slingshot mechanic with hand tracking, replacing gravity with zero-g and bounding it all inside of a...

Meta Allowing Chosen Quest MR Apps To Disable Boundary (

Boundary, formerly called Guardian, is certainly useful in virtual reality so you don’t leave your playspace and bump into furniture and walls. But in most mixed reality apps it’s superfluous, since you can already see the environment around you, and downright annoying because it means you can’t utilize your full room as a...

Apple Vision Pro SteamVR Support Now Available Via App (

ALVR, the app that enables Apple Vision Pro to work on SteamVR, is now available for anyone to download. If you’re interested in VR you’re probably familiar with the three most popular tools to make Meta Quest headsets act as PC VR headsets on Windows: Virtual Desktop, Steam Link, and Quest (Air) Link. But you might not be...

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