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Looks like nobody is interested in $3500 headset… https://www.macrumors.com/2024/04/23/apple-cuts-vision-pro-shipments/

psychicparrot42, to random
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You know when you haven't played one of your own games in ages and you try it again and really enjoy it?? I just tried my old game Axe Throw VR and had an absolute blast. Don't like to blow me own trumpet and that, but I did a good job with it! One day, I'd love to make a bigger game out of it. The VR axe throwing mechanic is really fun and I'd love to build on the zombie survival mode some more, one day. 🤔 https://store.steampowered.com/app/928370/Axe_Throw_VR/ #indiedev #VR #indiegames #solodev

parismarx, to apple
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Apple is cutting Vision Pro production as it fails to meet sales targets.

Analysts expected it to sell 700-800k units in 2024, but it could now be as low as 400k. A lower cost model could now be pushed beyond 2025, if it ever arrives.


#apple #tech #visionpro #vr #ar

SomeGadgetGuy, to tech
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Apple was never going to "save" VR.
We've spent the last decade giving Apple an unlimited runway of speculation and hype to bring a face computer to market.


Instead of doing a better job earnestly and fairly covering the tech along the way, properly educating consumers on what these things can do, now even Vision Pro can't live up to the media's imagined narrative of Apple.

Apple did nothing to earn a DECADE of media support for XR products, but think of all the projects that were criticized for not living up to some kind of imaginary Sci-Fi standard.

"Wait for gen 2 or gen 3 instead!"

Techies expect everyone else to lift off like a helicopter, but Apple gets UNLIMITED runway...

Legit_Spaghetti, to vr
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It's kind of upsetting that Apple called their headset, oh wait excuse me, their "spatial computer" (🙄) the Vision Pro when Apple Eyephone was, like, RIGHT THERE.

TNLNYC, to vr
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This sounds like a pretty big deal: At a time when there is no clear leader in Meta Horizon OS could get some value out of this openness. When coupled with 's efforts to integrate with the , it may show there is an emerging trend towards openness at the company:

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Coucou, je profite de tout juste avoir mis mon casque VR en vente pour vous le proposer ​:neocat_heart:​
Je suis prêt à vous faire une ristourne de -25% si vous venez de Fedi ​:fediverse:​

Liens des annonces :
Annonce Leboncoin
Annonce Vinted

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Is it just the ? This is probably true of all headsets that seem to act like isolation chambers.

My Life Outside of the Apple Vision Pro https://www.wired.com/story/the-only-thing-worse-than-one-vision-pro-in-a-relationship-is-two/ @WIRED

droidboy, to metaverse German
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Was geht aktuell in der deutschen XR-Branche? Ihr solltet auf keinen Fall den XRCC Hackathon verpassen! @tctomm und ich haben dazu mit Dinesh Punni gesprochen. Außerdem diskutieren wir Update 4.0 für die Meta Ray-Ban, 8th Wall unterstützt die AVP und das drohende Ende von Glue.
Hört mal rein:
➡️ https://metaverse-podcast.de/e071-meta-updates-8th-wall-unterstuetzt-apple-vision-pro-rip-ziva-und-glue-dinesh-punni-von-immersive-insiders-ueber-xr-youtube-und-den-xrcc-hackathon-in-berlin/

lukas, to vr
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What a fly fly flight simulator! Stefan Prech developed an visual stimulation device for insects that lets you take a peek into the brain. Read about it: @MPIforBI https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0301999

julienbarnoin, to gaming
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Your vision blurs and white text appears in front of your eyes saying Game Over.

You remove the goggles, realizing you were still in a demo from the first time you tried the Oculus Rift back in 2014. Seeing a pixelated game followed by a realistic dystopian world when you removed the in-game headset was just a marketing gimmick in the demo and the passage of time was just an illusion.

You're back in 2014. What do you do next?

fell, to linux
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Today was a bad day for Linux Gaming, at least for me.

  1. I wanted to play DCS: World with head teacking like always
  2. My system stopped recognising my Oculus Rift CV1 sensors, throwing all sorts of USB errors in dmesg
  3. I switched to the linux-lts kernel, which caused even more problems with the GPU. The graphical environment never showed up.
  4. Back on the regular linux kernel, I settled for a phone strapped to my head for head tracking.
  5. After two hours of gameplay, KWin crashed and failed to restore my open applications including the game.

I'm done for tonight. 😩

#Linux #LinuxGaming #GamingOnLinux #DCS #DCSWorld #Wayland #OculusRift #NVIDIA #KWin

@fell@ma.fellr.net avatar

OMFG. You won't believe this.

So, I was diagnosing a weird webcam issue for days and days. I've been using a Oculus Rift Sensor for head tracking for a while now and it suddenly stopped working. It's basically just a USB webcam. I tried several different kernel versions and even some from last year with no luck. I dug into the code of the uvcvideo driver, I tried setting quirks, nothing helped. I was obsessed with this issue.

Long story short: I disconnected my computer's front panel and everything worked.

The front panel must be faulty which must've tripped the USB controller in such a particular way that it kept working fine but was unable to recognise newly plugged devices and sent garbage to the kernel.

What the actual heck. USB is so weird. Do you have any USB stories like this?

#Linux #Hardware #USB #VR #Oculus #Rift #Headtracking #Kernel #Story #WTF

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DominicPajak, to retrocomputing
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ICYMI: http://xr.bbcmic.ro a free VR/AR retrocomputer sim for Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro is live!

"The making of a webXR app" dev blog is too: https://www.dompajak.com/blog/webxr-beeb-virtual-beeb/index.html

#retrocomputing #retrogaming #vr #webXR #bbcmicro #80s #8bit

elizabethtasker, to vr
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Took a ship out in VRChat and... uh... landed it... SLIM lunar lander-style... but I hear that's how the coolest land nowadays. #VR

Legit_Spaghetti, to fallout
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☢️ Finished the show. Notes: ☢️

  • The story doesn't make a lot of sense.
  • I really, REALLY like the cast.
  • The set design is on point.
  • There were a few fanboi moments, but overall they held back on fanservice. Good.
  • Some really funny moments.
  • Some SUPER dark moments.
  • Some bafflingly dumb moments.
  • That one moment when the FO4 theme starts playing. CHILLS.
  • Watching this on my headset was the right call.
  • Deathclaw? Oh yeah, deathclaw.

PlayStation VR V1 для PS4: ігри, проблеми та інші важливі нюанси (tayemnakimnata.com) Ukrainian

Огляд PS VR V1 українською: ігри, технічні характеристики, проблеми та враження. Відгуки користувачів про PlayStation VR та багато іншого про технологію віртуальної реальності

elizabethtasker, to vr
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Our Communication Hall on the JAXA Sagamihara Campus has got a cool new exhibit! Step inside this dome and you’ll see a video of the #Hayabusa2 spacecraft touching down on asteroid Ryugu! You have a choice of 4 buttons that lets you change your view, and in June, there’ll be controls to let you try your own landing! It’s been designed with #VSP (Virtual Space Program) who are a group in Japan who develop really outstanding #VR content.

A view of the exhibit from the outside. The enclosure is triangular shaped, with the semi-circular dome bulging out the back.

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It's never too early to prepare.

Juice aces Callisto flyby test.


dw_innovation, to vr
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"In 1838 Charles Wheatstone published a paper describing a curious illusion he’d discovered. If you drew two pictures of something – say, a cube, or a tree – from two slightly different perspectives, and then viewed each one through a different eye, your brain would assemble them into a three-dimensional view. Wheatstone created a table-size device to demonstrate the effect: the world’s first stereoscope."

Nice post on the history of & (from 2017):


stooovie, to vr
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Battle Talent in #VR is quite a workout, phew!

t_var_s, to apple
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it was to be expected

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