Wild critters!

The Tiny Miracle That Resulted In Huge Local Conservation Success (lighthouse-eco.co.za)

Despite their extinction in Eastern Cape due to dwindling game herds and harmful cattle dips, the red-billed oxpeckers were successfully reintroduced into the region in the 90s. The upbeat Birding Day event, showcased on Shamwari TV, lauds their pivotal role in the ecosystem. Shamwari now plans to reintroduce Cape vultures,...

Wildlife Photographer of the Year – People’s Choice 2023 (lighthouse-eco.co.za)

Wildlife photography Oscars, anyone? The Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice awards is back with a bang. A shortlist of 25 awe-nature-some pictures, from a sassy mudskipper defending his turf against a crab, to a polar bear taking a snooze on receding ice, awaits your vote. Glamour, drama, and a splash of humor...

Florida Celebrates Record Green Sea Turtle Nesting Season Amid Climate Change Concerns (lighthouse-eco.co.za)

In 2023, Florida experienced an exceptional nesting season for green sea turtles, breaking previous records, but concerns about skewed sex ratios in recent hatchlings due to rising sand temperatures highlight ongoing challenges in sea turtle conservation.

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