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A screenshot in #ATS during the vday deliveries. I couldn't pass up snapping a photo of the two good doggos watching my truck drive by.

#trucksim #americantrucksimulator

ezlin, to TruckSim
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The folks behind American Truck Simulator sure know how to monetize.

$6 for a bundle that includes the base Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, AND the Valentines Day cosmetic pack for both and

I mean, I almost feel like I'm robbing them.

BalooUriza, to TruckSim

I see two DLC dropped both in the Balkans for and they're both about twice as much money as previous map expansions. And there's a two part challenge to get a matching truck and trailer, each one requiring one of the DLCs to complete.

And I'm just like... pass. I think I'm gonna wait for this one to go on sale. I haven't been too excited about Eastern Europe since it started looking like we weren't going into Asia anytime soon. I'll probably wait for a sale on this one.

American Truck Simulator - American Truck Simulator 1.48 Update - Texas New Content - Steam News (store.steampowered.com)

They say everything is bigger in Texas, including the updates! In our upcoming 1.48 update for American Truck Simulator, our talented team has revisited the state to bring an update that fits the boot; including roads, landmarks, depots, and more. Let's dive into what our team has been working on. We've been busy upgrading the...

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