PC Gaming

Huge PC Part Comparison Charts | GN Mega Chart Benchmarks (www.youtube.com)

This video talks about our new GN Mega Charts pages, which provide all of our vetted data for a component category in one place. The initial launch includes a CPU Power Consumption mega charts set and CPU cooler set. The permanent pages provide reference points for more data than we typically can cram into a video and should be...

Intel's Snake Oil & Completely Insane Anti-AMD Marketing (www.youtube.com)

Intel released a series of slides in a presentation attacking AMD -- and bizarrely, it was an actually publicly available presentation. The bitter, out-of-character attack reeks of the glue era of Intel. We're not sure why the company is talking about "snake oil," showing used car salesmen, and contradicting its position of...

Digital Foundry - Inside Stormgate: Ex-StarCraft Devs Use Unreal Engine 5 For Brand New RTS (www.youtube.com)

Founded by ex-StarCraft developers, Frost Giant Studios is developing a brand-new real-time strategy game - Stormgate - that layers Unreal Engine 5 with its own engine to create a fascinating new project. Studio Engineering Director Andrew Sabri talks with Tom Morgan and Alex Battaglia about this unique, new game.

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