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Godot 4: Voronoi Diagram tutorial (animated and colorized shader) (www.youtube.com)

Hi everybody! What you see behind me in the background of this video is the result of several algorithms commonly used in creating shader effects. Specifically, it involves the Voronoi diagram, a pseudorandom vector generator, and a custom color palette. If you like this effect and would like to use it in your Godot game, keep...

Godot 4: Learn to create custom nodes for visual shaders (tutorial) (www.youtube.com)

Hello everybody! In this video, I would like to demonstrate how we can create custom nodes for the visual shader editor in Godot 4. It’s a very useful functionality because, despite being a powerful tool, the visual shader editor contains only a finite number of built-in nodes. Sometimes, we’d like to add more nodes that we...


I think that section is just automatically fetched from the YouTube video description, and ignores line breaks. Here’s the correct URL: filiprachunek.gumroad.com/l/godot4

Godot 4: Edge detection shader (tutorial) - Sobel operator and Gaussian blur (www.youtube.com)

Hi everybody! It is January 2024, I wish everyone a happy new year, and I’m back with new videos from the world of Godot, shaders, and I’m also planning to record something about modeling in Blender. Anyways, the first video of this year is dedicated to a shader that can be used for interesting post-processing effects and...

Godot 4: Learn to save and load your game state (tutorial) (www.youtube.com)

Hello there! Originally, I didn’t want to record anything else in this year because Christmas is just around the corner, which is a good opportunity to take a break from work. However, I noticed that my channel had 49 videos, and it would be nice to round that number up to 50 before the end of the year. In addition, we have...

From Shadertoy to Godot 4: Learn to convert the shader code (tutorial) (www.youtube.com)

Hi everybody! If you’re interested in shaders, you’ve probably come across the excellent website Shadertoy.com, which, at least at the time of recording this video, features more than 81 thousand shaders, with new ones added every day. Some of them are true works of art, and many programmers have undoubtedly thought about...

Godot 4: Add snow particles to your 3D scene (tutorial) (www.youtube.com)

Hello there! In today’s video, I would like to focus on particle systems in Godot, which is an area that, similar to shaders, often raises plenty of questions. Particles are useful for various effects if we know how to use them. In this video, we will enhance our 3D scene with snowfall.

Godot 4: Spectrum Analyzer shader tutorial (real-time, fully explained) (www.youtube.com)

Hi everybody! I have recorded another video tutorial about shaders in Godot. This time, we will demonstrate how to create a spectrum analyzer that responds to music played by the Godot audio system. This is a nice effect known from various music applications and can be useful for enhancing your game. Let’s do it.

Godot 4: Lightning Shader (or electric discharge) - tutorial (www.youtube.com)

Hi everybody, and especially Godot and shader effects enthusiasts. After the last video, where we delved into the third dimension and created an animated shield around a 3D character, I would once again return to 2D and demonstrate how we can generate an electric discharge effect, which could serve as an obstacle in our space...

Godot 4: Animated shield as a visual shader (tutorial) (www.youtube.com)

Hello to all fans of Godot Engine and shaders! It seems that I’ve grown quite fond of visual shaders because I’ve just recorded another video on this topic. Would you like to use such an animated shield or force field in your game? It’s easier than it might seem. Keep watching, I’d be happy to demonstrate it to you.

Godot 4: Learn to draw geometric shapes in your shaders (tutorial) (www.youtube.com)

Hi everyone! This is the second part of the tutorial on how to create a library of useful functions for shaders in Godot. If you haven’t seen the previous part, I highly recommend watching it first. The link is provided in the description of this video. In this part, we will add functions for rendering various types of simple...

Godot 4: Shader libraries and polar coordinates (tutorial) (www.youtube.com)

Good morning! Or afternoon or evening, depending on where you are in the world. Did you know that Godot allows you to create libraries of functions for shaders that you can later link to your shading language script without the need to copy and paste their code every time? We’ll demonstrate this with a few simple examples, and...

Godot UI Tutorial (www.youtube.com)

Hi everybody! I’m back with another video for the collection of tutorials on game development in Godot Engine. This time, we won’t be dealing with shaders or 3D models. Instead, I would like to focus on a possibly simpler but definitely no less important area in game development with the Godot Engine, and that is the user...

Godot 4: Vertex manipulation with a visual shader (tutorial) (www.youtube.com)

Hi again, friends of visual shaders! Maybe you remember that in previous videos that dealt with this topic, we were working only with fragments, and we were setting only the final color for pixels. This time, we’ll finally get to a no less important function, which is responsible for modifying vertices and subsequently...

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