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Five, (edited )

Advocate of the Five state-solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.


Aaron Bushnell’s action reminded me immediately of Malachi Ritscher. Aaron has already been added as a Wikipedia “See also” link, so I’m not the only one.

The lesson from Malachi’s death is that the State doesn’t care about our lives, and the media will show its complicity with a blackout. The same media outlets will spin wall-to-wall coverage of a mass shooting, so concern for copycats is not their motivation. While the intention was to shock the complacent masses to action, instead the message reverberated as trauma through the activist community.

This is a very difficult thing to talk about, and Crimethinc did both Aaron and its readers justice by writing such a nuanced obituary.


Pruning this duplicate, as the other one has more votes and a more robust post text.

Five, (edited )

They love to claim Martin Luther King Jr. as one of their own, but when Lyndon B. Johnson told him to wait until after the 1964 election to demand civil rights, MLK also told him to suck it. LBJ passed the Civil Rights Act in 1963 and lost the support of southern Democrats, but beat Goldwater in 1964.

Joe Biden knows what he has to do to get Rashida Tlaib and her supporters’ vote. Tlaib isn’t the one supporting Trump; it’s Netanyahu.

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