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Texas Supreme Court blocks Attorney General Ken Paxton's deposition in whistleblower case (www.kut.org)

Paxton’s deposition was scheduled for Thursday. But on Tuesday the all-Republican court issued an order putting the deposition on hold and giving the parties until Feb. 29 to respond. The high court’s ruling came hours after former President Donald Trump called on the justices to stop the whistleblower case. “Enough time...

Texas Oil Billionaires Start a Spinoff PAC (www.austinchronicle.com)

The Texas Tribune reports that Dunn and Wilks have dropped $2 million into the new PAC, known as Texans United for a Conservative Majority. Money from the PAC is already being distributed to challengers seeking to unseat House Republicans who voted to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton last year. You will recall that until...

[KXAN] Supreme Court allows federal agents to cut razor wire Texas installed on US-Mexico border (archive.is)

The 5-4 vote clears the way for Border Patrol agents to cut or clear out concertina wire that Texas has put along the banks of the Rio Grande to deter migrants from entering the U.S. illegally. Some migrants have been injured by the sharp wire and the Justice Department has argued the barrier impedes the U.S. government’s...

[KXAN] Sen. Ted Cruz in statistical tie with 2 Texas Democrats (archive.is)

According to findings published Thursday morning by Emerson College Polling and Nexstar Media, the Republican incumbent is locked in a statistical tie with two Democratic challengers. Pollsters asked a group of 1,315 registered Texas voters during the period of Jan. 13-15 who they would support if Cruz ultimately faced either...

[CNN] Texas has until the end of today to stop blocking federal access to miles of the US-Mexico border (www.cnn.com)

The Department of Homeland Security warns it will – by the end of Wednesday – “refer the matter to the Department of Justice for appropriate action and consider all other options available to restore Border Patrol’s access to the border” if Texas doesn’t confirm it will “cease and desist its efforts to block Border...

School voucher supporter gave Gov. Greg Abbott $6 million in December (www.texastribune.org)

Gov. Greg Abbott received a $6 million campaign contribution last month, which his campaign is calling the “largest single donation in Texas history.” The check came from Jeff Yass, a national Republican megadonor whose priority issues include school vouchers. Abbott spent 2023 unsuccessfully pushing for a voucher program...

Harris County’s sheriff fired him for bigotry. The DA’s office hired him one month later. (houstonlanding.org)

Antill remains employed at the district attorney’s office, earning about $113,400 annually, despite claiming on his job application that his employment at the sheriff’s office ended due to “leadership changes.” Antill’s job application states that “any false, misleading, incomplete or omitted information” will...

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