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To echo what have seen other say, I’m excited about this DLC in theory because I really enjoyed Elden Ring on my first play through and some quick NG+ runs for endings. I actually got all the achievements, which is rare for me.

But after all that, I’ve struggled to play since. I’ll play for a few hours on a character, then take weeks or months before I want to play again. And I’m worried I’ll have the same reaction with the DLC.

There is so much open space in the game that it somehow is overwhelming once you have a rough idea that most of the content isn’t that important, but some of it is crucial to specific builds you may want to run. It’s almost like you spend most of your effort avoiding content because of how time-consuming just playing the game “normally” can be.


My point was that I’m worried I’ll feel the same when I try to play the DLC.

Even worse, judging by past FromSoftware games, the DLC isn’t something you do right at the beginning or right towards the end of the game. So, it will likely require a decent amount of playtime to reach the content.


The numbers were posted on that website the day before the drawing.

The guy clearly saw those, bought a ticket with those numbers for the next drawing and now is hoping he can get a payout from a lawsuit settlement.



Doesn’t look like that is true though, looks like he purchases the ticket at 8pm.

He also just happened to manually pick those numbers as well.


And the Powerball number was blank on the numbers posted early.


It rootkits your PC, and some versions have a privelige escalation exploit where an attacker can run any arbitrary code as root.

Hasn’t Steam itself had issues with privilege escalation exploits in the past?


That makes Steam a “rootkit” then, correct? People should really stop using it.


I gave a concrete example of an exploit using Steam, and you’ve provided a hypothetical while arguing that your hypothetical example is much more risky (and compared it to hang gliding vs Russian roulette).

Specifically how much more of a risk is it to have kernel level anti-cheat installed than it is to install software like Steam and games on your system? Since you are claiming in-depth knowledge I would actually like to know more specifics for future reference. I don’t find the hang-gliding/russian-roulette example super helpful personally.

…it’s hard to see what benefit I’m being offered by a notably cheaply made kernel level anti-cheat in a purely cooperative gameplay experience.

You don’t see how it would affect your enjoyment of the game to have someone insta-killing all the enemies in a match, or generating 1000x more rewards than you would normally receive, breaking the progression permanently?


I would agree that you would have to be living in a bubble to not hear a single good thing about Starfield. I mean, you can just read reviews (even the lower scored ones) and see what the game does well.


So, three people had nothing good to say about the game?

Here, I’ll say something good. The game has some really solid quests in it. And the shipbuilder can be a lot of fun if you enjoy that type of stuff, especially given the fact that the ships all have interiors you can walk around.

There, you’ve now heard a good thing about the game.


Games you liked winning awards is something to celebrate. Games you don’t like winning awards is proof that awards are a joke and should be ignored. Just how things work.


The mechanics of the new game plus might not be entirely unique, but are pretty rare among games. Even just having the story acknowledge it in anyway is pretty rare.


Privately held companies aren’t “better” due to some natural rule. They can be just as greedy, it all comes down to the leadership and their goals.

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