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With diy distro I meant arch, gentoo, and nixOS The distro is meant to run on a PC which is mainly used by non tech sawwy people. And even tho I will be doing all administration tasks on it, I would like it to be as easy to manage themselves as possible, so they become familiar with Linux more.


First of all, its way too clean. The picture has this really sharp look, and the blur looks artificial. The hind leg doesn’t seen normal for the way you see the rest of the dog. Also, the ring of the dog collar has no imperfections, and the dog looks way to still for it to be living.


If Meta would really not know your Messages and encryption Keys, they would not be able to recover Every single one oft your messages even if you forgot your Password.


but also need to comply to governments.

I dont know about every country, but as far i know in germany at least you only need to disclose the information you actually have. Eg: if you dont have the encryption keys, the government cant do shit with the encrypted messages they habe

So, correct me if im not right, but a messenger could be privacy respecting and legal at the same time


Why should i open discover, wait half a year for it to load, search for vlc, wait half a year, look if its not a flatpak, realise its a flatpak, repeat

If i could just type sudo pacman -S vlc?

Or search how to update my grub config if I could just type grub-mkconfig -o /mnt/Boot/grub/grub.cfg?

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