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You can, if you use a knife and make a quick incision in the head you can kill them quickly and painlessly before boiling them.

(Video shows how it’s done, just in case anyone doesn’t want to see that)


It’s all relative, depending on the place your applying at, the lie in the resume, the hiring manager…

But the biggest reason is because the resume is usually used as a filter to filter out people who definitely won’t be hired. And in job postings companies usually ask for more than what they need.

Once you have the first real interview (i.e. not the phone screen) they’ll be able to tell if you don’t have enough knowledge for the position. And then you’re no worse off than prior to the interview.

But if they think you do have enough knowledge than who cares about the lie…


I’m loving what Fugitive is putting out, so excited for more!


Thanks the rec will check em out!


My only problem with the solstice armor, while it does look epic AF, it doesn’t match any of the other armor in the game, so it’s hard to pair it with other stuff. I bet it’ll look dope with the callus shaders though.

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