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“Well, it looks like I just picked a whole bouquet of Oopsie-daisies.”


It’s Florida. What chance does that kid have? Their foster care system is a joke. Between child trafficking, number of missing (AND unreported) children, overcrowding, children being placed in the care of convicts, I don’t know how that could be better. I don’t know many states that could rank worse than Florida when it comes to child care.

The foster system in the US is pretty shit as a whole, but Florida is going the extra mile.


I have an interview coming up. Can I get you to dress up as me and go to the interview?


Once you’ve beat Vampire Survivors you can lose more time playing Halls of Torment. You can curse me later


I still play from time to time cause a friend, for whatever reason, only plays OW2. I dunno how anyone still plays and has fun. Playing 5v5 now, you can tell it was the easiest way to deal with difficult problems. It doesn’t work, the team with the better tank wins the match almost always.

More than half the quick play matches now have revolving players. Even Comp has a ridiculous number of leavers. And nothing is being done about it cause there’s barely anyone playing anymore. Balancing, I don’t know what happened to it but it’s like they’re pushing out whatever.

But you can always find new skins and items in the shop, as bad and useless as 99% of them are.

Across all platforms I probably have around 3000 hrs on OW1, but looks like they’re letting OW2 die cause they can’t or won’t put in the work necessary to make it good again.

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