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I’m a bit of a news junkie.

I’m also MicroWave on lemm.ee.

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U.S. medical schools aren’t teaching future doctors about 7.4 million of their patients (www.statnews.com)

Oliver McGowan was 18 years old when he was hospitalized in England with recurrent seizures and pneumonia. He was autistic, and he and his parents had one specific request for the medical team: no antipsychotic medications. When he had taken them in the past, they made his seizures worse and had devastating effects on his mood....

Marcos vows to defend the Philippines' sovereignty amid China's 'aggression and provocations' (www.cnbc.com)

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has vowed to step up the country’s defense of its maritime zones in the South China Sea after Filipino and Chinese vessels collided over the weekend in what Manila has labeled a “serious escalation.”...

Senate Republican says US needs to accept Ukraine will ‘cede some territory’ to Russia (thehill.com)

Sen. JD Vance (R-Ohio) said Sunday that the United States needs to accept that Ukraine will likely need to “cede some territory” to Russia to end the fighting. Vance told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” that he is opposed to sending more aid to Ukraine because he does not believe the country will ever be able...

Trump says he won’t return to witness stand in $250m New York fraud trial (www.theguardian.com)

Donald Trump announced he would not take the witness stand for a second time at his fraud trial in New York on Monday, the former US president’s last chance to make his case as he combats a potential $250m fine that hangs over his family business....

Wisconsin university regents reject deal with Republicans to reduce diversity positions (apnews.com)

Universities of Wisconsin regents narrowly rejected a deal Saturday reached with Republicans that would have given employees a pay raise and paid for construction of a new engineering building in exchange for reductions in staff positions focused on diversity, equity and inclusion....

Murder conviction of Chicago man who spent 12 years behind bars overturned because key eyewitness was legally blind (www.nbcnews.com)

The witness was allegedly suffering from advanced glaucoma at the time of the crime, severely limiting visibility. Surveillance video from the scene also revealed the eyewitness was much farther away than he initially claimed to be, according to the Exoneration Project....

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