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IIRC the person who added that didn’t add it as a joke but as a genuine thing.

Should I switch to amd?

I have been considering selling my 3060 ti and buying a 6700 xt for a while now. The main reasons are (potentially) switching to wayland, +4 gb of vram, hardware acceleration in firefox (and steam too, it’s leaking vram for me with nvidia), potentially vr on linux with my quest 2 (a lot of things in alvr seem to be locked for...


I don’t consider this an upgrade, it’s more of a switch. The 6700 xt new is almost the same price I can sell the 3060 ti for. I won’t be upgrading for at least 5 years.

Why do I only see 19 posts in this community?

Eternity says that there are 569 posts in this community. When I access it through my account I see so much more posts (only old ones though). I don’t even see the admin’s post! I also see much less comments on those 19 posts than how many Eternity is saying there are. Just in general, I feel like I see so...


Thank you! I pressed the x near the language setting on the website and saved it and now it works. Weird, given that Undetermined was already selected.


Carpenter Brut. Though I only really listen to the trilogy from them.


Even with x86 only, Linux supports more CPUs. For example, the Ryzen 5 1500x in my old PC isn’t supported by Windows 11.


It seems to me calling trans people “people” was hard.

Why is breast surgery available at 15 when bottom surgery is only available at 18?

I was watching this video by second thought and when he talked about the bomb threat towards the children’s hospital, he mentioned that breast surgery is available for 15 and older while genital surgery is available for 18 and older. My question is, why? Is breast surgery less risky/more reversible/something else than bottom...


I almost fell down it around 3 years ago, watching “SJWs and feminists against video games” type videos and actively searching for them but then one day I just stopped. I really am thankful that the Youtube algorithm didn’t hit me that hard.

duckweed, to saltlakecity

Which American city is best for raising free children?


With 90s-and-earlier style independence. Could it be Salt Lake City? Inspired by this:

"Utah Free Range Parenting Law [...] says that letting your kids play outside, walk to school, wait briefly in the car (under some circumstances) or come home with a latchkey is not neglect unless something else seriously bad is going on."


I’m sorry, I can’t help as I don’t live in America, but why would those things constitute neglect in the first place? If it’s talking about very young children, yeah, I can understand, but otherwise, I don’t.


I don’t think so. People today sadly prioritize convenience over privacy or control.

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