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Are there goldilocks zones for tidally locked planets?

A tidally locked planet does not rotate in relation to its sun. One side is always day, one, always night. This is caused by tidal forces pulling all planets towards this same equilibrium, so it’s completely stable once it does occur…a tidally locked planet at an earthlike distance from the sun would be scorching heat on one...

Seriously, why is the USA supporting Israel?

The US is supporting Israel through what we can mostly all agree is a genocide of the Gazans. Clearly, Biden isn’t a genocidal maniac, yet he’s all in with unwavering support. Why are we doing this? There has to be a logical reason that isn’t just “we want Israel to kill everyone in Gaza and take their land a la...

How did squash (fruit juice concentrate) get to be called "squash"?

Picked up a bottle of squash and got to wondering about the term “squash”, so I went digging around on the internet. Of course all the returns are squash (cucurbita) not squash the drink. Keep digging and more specificity and finally find out the obvious, “sqaush” is a concentrated fruit juice. No shit. Dig more and...

Are Thumbnails From Webpages Saved on a Phone?

I tried Tor for the first time to see if I could find some public info on someone. A completely innocuous search for a government record immediately came up with a VERY inappropriate site with pics I wish I hadn’t have seen. I deleted all history, but I don’t want those thumbnails on my device. Idk if those thumbnails are...

Tips for falljng back to sleep

I wake up at 3am to 4am daily as a neighbor makes noise walking their dog. This cannot be helped. Once I am awake, my mind won’t stop going over details about everything from the mundane to the critical. Often, I am able to fall asleep again after three or more hours of wakefulness, but only minutes before I have to wake for...

[SOLVED] What do I do if my order has been "To be sent" for days now?

So, I bought a Google Pixel 7a. I ordered it from Prime Gadgets, through (I live in Greece). Ever since I placed that order, it’s been on “To be sent” for several days. To make matters worse, yesterday, the ETA changed from (22-2-2024 to 26-2-2024) to (23-2-2024 to 26-2-2024). What should I do?...

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