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albertye, (edited )

I can’t login from my main browser even if I clear the cache and cookies, if I use other browser it works

Edit: I fixed it just by changing my browser language to English and restarting it, hope this is useful for someone.

Also, thanks to Ruud and team for the hard work, everything seems to work really well and fast.


And when I reload the page, I appear to be logged in other peoples account, I can see the communities they’re in


The fediverse is the coolest thing that could happened, freedom is what all people should seek for, creating their own spaces and not supporting corporations that only want to make money out of people’s lives, data, attention, mental health, etc …

It’s better to support the instance you are in with donations for sure.


My favorite is 0.5 mm lead, but I also have 0.7mm.


Great!, how’s your experience with 0.3mm?, do you do math too?. I also have an 800, it’s a great pencil.


Oh I see, definitely a very efficient approach with the 0.3mm lead, the Graph Gear 1000 it’s one of my favorites and pocket safe 😅, the clip is very functional, you can attach it to your pocket very easily, and surely will last longer with that plastic part replaced.

I haven’t use Pentel Ain Stein lead, it’s very hard to find high quality lead where I live haha, would you recommend it?.

My pencil use is for studying math, I’m about to start computer engineering so I’m studying a lot harder these days, using these pencils give me motivation and comfort definitely makes the experience enjoyable! haha.

Which lead grade do you prefer?

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