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Why are there so many conspiracy theories regarding soy beans?

Dear lemmy, someone very close to my heart is starting to fall into conspiracy theories. It’s heartbreaking. Among other things, he has now told me that soy beans are not supposed to be consumed by human beings and is convinced that despite the literal centuries of human soy bean cultivation and consumption, we shouldn’t eat...

Why don't laptops have proper low power states where useful stuff like downloads can run during sleep/with the lid closed?

Basically every laptop I’ve owned I’ve had to disable sleep when the lid is closed as I often leave them plugged in and want background tasks like downloads or updates to be able to run while I’m not using the machine. However, I don’t think PC laptops have a way to switch to a super low power state and just run...

Why does juicy juice not have sediment, and exactly how do they do it?

Juicy Juice among other brands touts “100% juice” however if you leave it undisturbed for months on the shelf it never seems to develop any sediment. How can they be 100% juice and not have any solids? What exact process are they using to remove all the sediment and or perfectly homogenize the liquid? You will notice other...

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