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“Alioli” in catalan All = Garlic i = And Oli = Oil Garlic&Oil


When I was little, I used to think that before I was born (1977), people and the world in general were in black and white. All the photos I had of my family before my birth were in black and white.


“Te falta una patata para el kilo” (in Spanish)

English: “You’re missing one potato for the kilo.”

When you want to call someone a fool or an idiot, you question if they’re in their right mind, if they use their head before speaking or doing something.


Truly, streets were built this way, not roads. I recommend checking out the work of Isaac Moreno Gallo, where he debunks this image. On his YouTube channel, he has videos uncovering Roman roads in Spain and showing the authentic way they were constructed.

What are your thoughts on restricting children’s access to pornography online?

There are a lot of GOP-controller legislatures in the USA pushing through so-called “child protection” laws, but there’s a toll in the form of impacting people’s rights and data privacy. Most of these bills involve requiring adults to upload a copy of their photo ID.


It is still very shocking to us in Europe that the United States wants to control pornography before guns. I don’t know many people who have killed themselves by masturbating.


I believe that pornography is illegal in Bulgaria, while in other places, there are no strict laws. There’s a warning banner that you must check if you are over 18 years old. That’s it. On the other hand, we have many gun control laws. Priorities.

TIL that dragonflies live 80% of their life underwater as larvae. (

The Larva: It is interesting to note that even though we’ve seen dragonflies mostly flying around us during hot summer months, they spend most of their life underwater as a larva. They can live underwater for as long as two years, and this is considered to be the longest stage in the life cycle of a dragonfly....

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