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He/him. Human. #WokeAF

Indie software dev, tinkerer, player of video games, husband, P.U.N.K., futurist, comical element. ⭐️ Alumnus CTO & co-founder of German sustainability startup RECUP 💚

I try to make a living creating Shortcuts-centered, productivity-related tools for macOS & iOS.

From #Flensburg, Europe 🇪🇺

#ShortcutsApp #macOS #iOS #Developer #dev #SwiftUI #Swift #Typescript #Javascript #ObsidianMD #PKM #Germany #provene04241

Bluesky: https://bsky.app/profile/zottmann.dev

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BennyOtt, to random German
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@BennyOtt Hallo Benny

fahrni, to random
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It could also feature a laser beam. https://mastodon.social/@macrumors/112455881578043377

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@fahrni @macrumors It could also be a boat!

czottmann, to random
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Me: ”I like $THING”
Others: “$THING is made by terribly shitty people”

Every single time. 😓 Look, yes, I get it, I agree that all the things are terrible right now, and that humanity needs to get its collective shit together, I’m with you, but that behavior is so fucking tiring.

Seriously, I am so fucking tired. Just let me enjoy something for what it is, without knowing the maybe/ eventually/ probably/ alleged awful family record of the people who made it.

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Don’t tell me this couldn't happen:

Me: “I like boobies”
People: “You know who had boobies? LENI RIEFENSTAHL, you monster”

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@charlesrandall Thank you. 🤙🏼 But it's a pattern which by now I feel I see everywhere, and … it's a handful

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@charlesrandall Dunno, their “sources” page says something else, doesn't mention Bing at all: https://help.kagi.com/kagi/search-details/search-sources.html

But the filtering and "lenses” feature and everything are totally worth it for me. The total lack of ads and upselling, too

czottmann, to random
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The VERY excellent Dragon Age: Inquisition is currently free on the Epic Store, in its GOTY edition to boot.


If you like a deep, lengthy, great, personal, and thoughtful CRPG which is—roughly—120h of “good times”, don't miss out.

I fucking love it to bits.

czottmann, to random German
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“Über 3,5 Mio. DHL Fans erhalten bereits unseren Newsletter und freuen sich über unsere News.”

Liebe , ich will nicht Eure gute Stimmung kaputt machen, aber ich bin nur Kunde, kein Fan. Ich bin sogar oft zufriedener Kunde, aber eben kein Fan.

Diese sprachliche Unschärfe im Marketing macht mich echt langsam irre.

czottmann, (edited ) to random German
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Die macht sich fit für den EU-Wahlkampf, wenn ich das Poster richtig lese, kommt Christian Lindner nach

czottmann, (edited ) to random
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Man, I love my iPhone 13 mini but try to find a MagSafe power/charging pack that works w/ that very nice Torras sleeve, I dare you

AFAICT, at this point, most juice packs are made for the big-ass iPhones. Meh

Update: Apparently, the Anker 321 works with my 13 mini in its current sleeve just fine. Ordered, will be able to tell for sure by tomorrow. Thanks, @frttbrg!

czottmann, to random
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Today’s reductionist cleanup (“this is good enough”): Weather apps.

After 3 years, Carrot is out. The built-in Apple Weather app has improved enough by now to be good, and combined with Yr (Norwegian app for local Scandinavian weather) it's a mix that's working just fine.

Hello Weather—while very nice—doesn’t do it for me.

Dear Carlo, you will now stop thinking about weather apps – we're good.

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@Konafets “dramatic name” 😂

Danke für den Tipp!

czottmann, to destiny2
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Re : It has a thing for heaping systems upon systems upon systems, eh? Also, 1000 different "currencies”, this is getting out of hand

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@CrowleyAJ I should probably masterwork all my shit before they … ah, why bother ;)

phranck, to random German
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Does someone know of this „Keyboard Navigation“ switch on macOS is by default „on" or „off“? I constantly toggle it because of... software development, so I even don’t know its default state.

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@phranck Off.

czottmann, (edited ) to destiny2
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Finished 's Witch Queen campaign last night. I enjoyed it! Really dig the visual style of the Throne World, the missions were nice, hell, even the oh-so-serious storytelling was fine, and the fact that all missions were at level 1600 while I was at 1820 made me feel like a goddamn badass.

Sun-spec Titan, favourite weapon: Sunshot (hand cannon), makes enemies go boom when dead, which is usually hilarious

randahl, to random
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A Ukrainian company is completing a new type of torpedo armed diesel electric submarine.

I wonder who the customer is.


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@randahl Customer or … "customer”? 😉

oliver, to random German
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Die Lampen von Phillips Hue kann man nur noch mit Cloud-Zwang betreiben, oder?

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@oliver BT-Steuerung sollte ohne Cloud gehen, aber die BT-Config kann man nicht in Szenen verwenden.

czottmann, to random German
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Läuft in ✊🏼

> Das Bundesamt für darf die AfD wie bereits seit Januar 2021 weiter als rechtsextremistischen Verdachtsfall führen. Das hat das Oberverwaltungsgericht in Münster am Montag in zweiter Instanz entschieden. Eine Revision hat der zuständige 5. Senat nicht zugelassen. Für die Partei kommt das Urteil damit einer Höchststrafe gleich.

Sehr gut.


Archiv: http://archive.today/bahxy

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Do not click this link. https://kodiqi.itch.io/idle-breakout @hmans told me not to, I thought “pffft” and clicked it, that was 6 hours ago or so, and I'm still playing (?) this thing

czottmann, (edited ) to Amazon German
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Alles klar, . Produkt wird im "Seagate-Store" bei Amazon angeboten, als Verkäufer wird Amazon selbst gelistet, und Amazon bezeichnet den Verkäufer als “kleines oder mittleres Unternehmen aus Deutschland”.

Heute im Sonderangebot: Lack und Shotgläser

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@fluffel Vermutlich beides 😅

Mal schauen, wo sonst ich diese Erweiterung zu einem halbwegs vernünftigen Preis bekomme.

UPDATE: Bei Saturn und Galaxus, huh!

andycarolan, to random
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I just posted something on LinkedIn and now I feel dirty.

How long until the marketers slide into my DMs there? 😅

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@andycarolan I hate that platform with a passion.

It does to the self-esteem of adults what Instagram does to the self-esteem of teens.

phranck, (edited ) to til German
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@phranck Yep. Ziemlich gut.

stroughtonsmith, to random
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Elite Dangerous is finally getting in on the 'cash money spaceships’ bandwagon, with 'pre-built ships’, starting at about $15 each.

You know, I'm happy for them. It's probably way too late to save the game at this point, but on the off chance having access to an infinite money tree actually turns things around, I think it's a good thing.

I really would love to see the Elite team have the resources they need to actually build the game they dreamed of in that Kickstarter


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@stroughtonsmith I loved that game so much, I spent so. much. time. in it. Plus, a couple of years ago I was able to play it in VR for a few hours, and that was something else entirely.

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