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Not so much debunked as Vultr has realized their mistake and has taken steps to correct it.


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I’m saying there was no debunking. It was a legitimate concern which was addressed by Vultr.

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From my understanding Redis hasn’t been libre software since 2018 so the new competition from Microsoft might be a driver for the licensing decision.

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This looks like it’s likely to be a successful fork from Redis given the participants and industry support indicated.

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Hi, Crazy

I’m not actually sure, I thought it was new because Firefox indicated as such when I updated.

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I actually like this a lot. Why not make computer things easy for people using them? In environments where people send forms as non-editable .pdf files, this is great!

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The most pragmatic answer is to learn Python.

The most pragmatic approach to that is Automate The Boring Stuff with Python which is free to read online. But it might be a little dated and you said you want to learn some basics which I take to understand as underling fundamental theory of programming which it doesn’t provide.

Think Python, 3rd edition, which is also free to read online and was just updated to use Jupyter Notebooks, is a great introduction to the fundamentals of programming theory, but it is lengthier and will take more time to get to practical projects.

If you really want to get into an introduction to Computer Science theory, it would be hard to find a better introduction than A Data-Centric Introduction to Computing which is used at Brown University as well as others in their introductory Computer Science courses. It’s can also be read online for free.

For website things, the MDN Web Docs hosted by Mozilla is the best resource out there.

For Linux server stuff, Linux Upskill Challenge is a wonderful resource.

Have fun!

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The good news is that the author has a third edition coming out with updated material. But it won’t be ready until August 2024. I’m assuming you won’t want to wait for that, so I suggest using the current edition to get used to the language and then going through the list of updates and differences in the blog post and “figuring out” how to do some of them on your own.

Also, the author has a book for people who finished Automate the Boring Stuff and want more guidance on good, effective practices with less focus on people with no prior knowledge of programming, Beyond the Basic Stuff with Python, is also available to read for free online.

I should mention that if you have the means, I encourage you to pay for the eBook version of these books on the publisher’s website since this allows the author to continue creating updated and high quality content that’s free for those who feel that $35 is a strain on their budget. If not, no worries, that’s why I paid for his first edition a while back. Al is pretty active online and in the fediverse (@AlSweigart) and seems like a good dude. He deserves some love, so please give him a thank you at a minimum.

This was a weirdly long reply, but I hope other people subscribed to the Learn Programming community on Programming.dev see it and find some value in it too.

AT&T Archives: The UNIX Operating System (www.youtube.com)

In the late 1960s, Bell Laboratories computer scientists Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson started work on a project that was inspired by an operating system called Multics, a joint project of MIT, GE, and Bell Labs. The host and narrator of this film, Victor Vyssotsky, also had worked on the Multics project. Ritchie and Thompson,...

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I will upvote this every time I see it. Cross-post, re-post, doesn’t matter. I’m going to upvote it.

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This is huge. Unfortunately, as you indicated, there’s no standard tool for this and new ones are being added to the mix. Many in the science feilds are pushed towards Conda but I’m not sure it’s the best option. However, Conda will be infinitely better than not using anything to manage environments and dependencies.

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“Pirate for it” was probably the wrong phrase. “Plan for it” was probably what you were thinking when your fingers did something else.

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That’s an “empty” account from the admin of programming.dev.

This community basically has no moderator (although the admin can take action).

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Ask on the original post, I’m not the person who is asking.

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