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Genius idea, feels a bit like oldshool internet with chatrooms.


Plot twist, it was the only ball sowjets have - that’s why sowjets were so good at hockey.


I’m not that tech savy, so I was under the impression sms 2FA was the best way to go - why is app based authentication better?


Thanks, what level would you recommend for an more or less average user? Would guess my most sensitive data are bank and google account.


Thank you, will look more into it.


I’m convinced, will switch to app authentication.


That message did not arrived at general population.


He was a Jew, Judaism has a much more liberal stance on abortion. But that is more of a joke. Since our discussion kind of runs into nowhere - with you still claiming few cells are more important than a women, and not given any further information on why.


Source for Judaism having a much more liberal stance on Abortion?

Wikipedia? Like that’s a simple question just a google search away.

I didn’t say they are more important. They have equal importance. A woman’s choice to an abortion isn’t worth more than that life.

Apologies that’s, correct. But sure, being equal to a few cells is much better, not demeaning for women at all besides being rather silly.


Wikipedia isn’t really a source. It seems you cannot back up your claim.

Sure only bible is a good source. Just a tip, Wikipedia has sources on most claims you can check yourself, which makes it rather useful.

All human life is equally valuable.

We already established that you don’t give life absolute value, since you would save mothers life through abortion if it was in danger.

But a life is a life

We already been there - you are ok with abortion before implantation so you make actually have a treshold where you start consider a few cells life or human how ever you want to name it.

So I don’t see how when I say killing human life is wrong, whether it be a foetus or a fully grown trans person, you call me a “fundamentalist”, as if believing in the fundamentals of Christianity is a bad thing (although you don’t seem to mean it in that way

Already explained that point.

I’m still intrigued with where you’re going with the Jesus being pro abortion issue. It was a pretty wild claim to make.

Not as wild as a few cell being as valuable as a whole ass developed human. And also I absolutely believe that Jesus would be pro abortion - but that’s anyone’s guess.


When did I say only the Bible is a good source?

It’s was joke.

You literally just said “wikipedia” in general, beforehand telling me to “google it”. You clearly cannot back it up yourself. Because it’s untrue.

I don’t care to back it up, if you curious you can check it out - if not, don’t.

Also, do you believe that Jesus is God?

Nope. But I like the mythological figure of Jesus and quite some of his teachings and philosophies. In my book he was a great philosopher of his time, who found some rather interesting answers to questions that we all ask.


but don’t think that He is God, something He did claim to be?

I can go outside and find you couple of guys claiming to be god, does not make it any more true than claims made about Jesus (you surly know that as most religion founders he didn’t leave a written record of his teaching, they were all written down after his death by his followers).

So basically, you think Jesus is pro abortion,

Absolutely, based on my understanding of his philosophy and since he was a smart guy he would also get basic biology, so no troubles there.


Were they prophecised about, performed miracles and rose from the dead?

I can find you people claiming to be and do all that stuff. By the way, if you believe that Jesus literally rose from the dead and performed miracles - you are indeed a christian fundamentalist, since you take the bible (at least the new testament) literally.

So it’s no longer because of Jewish law, but because “Jesus was a smart guy and I’m a smart guy so he must obviously agree with me”

This are two separate points:

Jesus was Jewish is more of a joke, something I personally always though of as funny.

Jesus was a smart guy and I’m a smart guy so he must obviously agree with me”

First, that’s not what I wrote. Second what I actually wrote is close to my opinion on what Jesus would think. Which is as valuable as anyone’s guess. And more of an anecdote than an argument.


Nope, there are Christians that don’t take the Bible literally. And no you are not the judge of who can call themselves Christian.


You can call you what ever you want, I’m not to stuck on definitions. Does not change that I think your stance on abortion does not make to much sense.


Because that’s how that word is used? People who take Bible/teachings literally. Maybe you are not aware but at least in Europe a lot of Christians don’t take the whole thing literal. I have good friend who is Catholic but she does not take the Bible and the teachings literal.


No, she also does not believe in a bearded guy who created everything, which makes sense since she is a biologist.

In general fundamentalism refers to people taking religious texts and teaching as literal. You take the story of Jesuses resurrection and wonders literal ( at least that is my impression) - so to me you are a Christian fundamentalist. Which is just a fancy way to say that you take the story of Jesus literal.

Also our dialogue might get world record for the use of the word literal.


People believe in god in quite different ways. Your literal interpretation of Jesuses life is not the only possibility.


So you are not only arbiter on when life begins, cells are considered humans, but also on who is Christian and who not - for someone following Jesus you are really into judging.

gapbetweenus, (edited )

Sure if you chose to take the words literally - but that’s kind of the point of the whole conversation.

And you do make yourself an arbiter - the moment you say that someone is not a true Christian.

So why are you an arbiter of morality despite all what you say?


Dang, thanks I finally got how Christians are often so judgemental - you guys are thinking that you’re stating facts not passing judgement. That conversation was rather useful after all.

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