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David Cameron is in support of genocide.


I thought that the Philippines were explicitly denied the Spratly Islands in their treaty for independence with the US because the Philippines did not hold sovereignty over the Spratlys when they were a Spanish colony? I can understand China and Vietnam’s conflicting claims, but the Philippines sounds like they’re ignoring the first rule of UNCLOS: UNCLOS does not resolve issues of sovereignty and does not supercede existing sovereignty claims.

The Filipino claim on the Spratlys is completely nonsensical. By the same argument, Kinmen should also be Chinese. It’s stupid, insane, and just an opportunity to deflect from the very real territorial dispute between China/Taiwan and Vietnam.


Spying from within public educational institutions feels rather counterintuitive. Chinese students weren’t getting security clearance anyway, so the only goal of their research is to be published in publicly viewable journals or conferences. This is a witch hunt.


Holy shit we might actually have a chance of beating back climate change. I never expected the sheer scale of Chinese photovoltaic expansion.

Regardless of what you think about the impacts of this on the economy, it’s undoubtedly good for the environment to have cheap electricity available to supplant expensive fossil fuels.


This is either a state actor operating under a fake name or it deserves to be one.

The perpetrator, “Jia Tan,” let’s assume has last name 陈. In Mandarin, this is pronounced as Chen, in Hong Kong as Chan, while in Minnan this is pronounced as Tan. Minnan is prevalent in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other southeast Asian countries as well as in parts of Fujian, China (where it originated).

A common feature of early Chinese expat communities was that they were overwhelmingly from Guangdong (think Gold Rush era). However, more recently, there’s been a massive wave of Taiwan and Hong Kong emigration… The relevant takeaway here is that Tan is much more common of a pronunciation in expat communities than it is in China.

Of course, they could also have the last name 谭, but that’s a good bit rarer. 陈 is the most common Chinese surname overseas and the 5th most common in China, while 谭 is something like 54th most common in China. Odds are high that, if this was a persona constructed by a state actor, it did not come from China but from an overseas actor for which Tan is a more common romanization.


Way too big of a target for a black hat group imo. It was only sloppy because they got caught.

The length of this project points to external funding.

intelshill, (edited )

Overlegislation of the financial sector will lead to financial collapse. An upper crust of obscenely wealthy bankers is essential for the proper function of the financial system and thus the economy.

Edit: /s fuck y’all are ruthless


How many Uyghurs are dead because of Chinese government action? Give me a number. Doesn’t have to be concrete, just within an order of magnitude.


Have you ever been to Xinjiang? Claiming that Uyghur culture and history is being eradicated sounds like some sort of joke.

Did you watch Chunwan? Chunwan is the most watched televised program in the world and the pride and joy of CCTV. Every year, every single year there is a display of traditional Uyghur dance, dress, and music. This year, a part of it was filmed in Kashgar, Xinjiang.

Dilraba Dilmurat, of Uyghur descent, is recognized by many as the most popular celebrity in China and commonly performs in traditional dress with traditional music:…/7334365885169241376

Do you consider it genocide when Western fashion swept through the world, unseating traditional forms of dress? Do you consider it genocide when communities in North America default to English, losing their mother tongues? Do you consider it genocide when French people learn English to participate in the British economy? When Quebec forces Canadians to learn French?

No, you don’t. You regard culture as a static element rather than a dynamic, constantly evolving entity. You regard language in the same way. You consider indigenous people as though they are some hapless treehugger or casino operator rather than what they really are: people.

You’re the type of people who will write on and on about the rights of First Nations people but, when the Squamish decide to build a 10000-unit apartment complex on their land, you’ll be the first to protest it. Cultures evolve. People evolve.


Oh look it’s the consequences of my actions


Please recall that Patten was the same person who went from:

Russian soldiers are supplied with Viagra to rape Ukrainian women and ‘dehumanize’ them, claims UN official

Russia using rape as ‘military strategy’ in Ukraine: UN envoy


No solid evidence of rape accusations against Russia, admits UN official

Patten has a history of misrepresenting reality to spread a political agenda. With that context in mind, I’ll be taking a closer look at the “evidence” Patten uses to make her claims. Are her sources reliable? Are her sources unbiased? Is there forensic data?


Call me when Zen 5 launches. Zen 3 is one generation behind AMD’s current flagship.

The New York Times should not be considered a reliable source of journalism.

The New York Times is one of the newspapers of record for the United States. However, it’s history of running stories with poor sourcing, insufficient evidence, and finding journalists with conflicts of interest undermines it’s credibility when reporting on international issues and matters of foreign policy....


Yeah, that’s probably fair. The scale of the US intervention may have been different, though.

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