Cis gay web admin at a rural university. FOSS enthusiast. Tabletop RPG fan. Occasional video game player. Pacifist. Taoist. Vegetarian. Anti-capitalist. Believer in social justice.

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hybridhavoc, to lgbtq_plus avatar

Queers of Time, a podcast, is having an anniversary and charity livestream supporting the Marsha P Johnson Institute, which helps uplift the voices of Black Trans people.

The livestream is live right now!



Whats the lgbtq rep like in Wheel of Time like? Im Ignorant of the books and the show. I always meant to get aroynd to the books. If the rep is good and real that might have me circle round to it quickly.


Good to know. Will have to dial the show up, and maybe start the books between seasons are something if the show sells me on wanting more.

a vegan and vegetarian thread

i'm sure with the influx of people we have enough of a community for this to be a thread, or at least people who are interested in veganism and vegetarianism and incorporating aspects of the diet/lifestyle into their current life. so yeah, pop off! share your struggles, experiences, good times, recipes, all that kind of stuff

trashHeap, (edited )

I've been a vegetarian since about 2008 or 2009? I've lost track. I originally switched while living in a rural town in the south here in the US, and did so despite honestly really liking the taste of meat. Ended up having to learn to make my own seitan/wheat meat and so forth to satisfy any meat cravings.

I've since moved to a (relatively) larger city, and the explosion of fake meat alternatives in restaurants and grocery stores in recent years has felt luxurious.


In terms of tabletop games Ive been kimd of a Basic Roleplaying kick lately. ( Runequest \ Call of Cthulhu \ Nephillim ). Maybe a community for all d100 tabletop rpgs? Like Mythras and M-Space too.


In terms of videogames I know id love something like r/jrpg and or r/Megaman. Especially as I continue to plug away at the Megaman Battlenetwork collection.

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