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Anyone ever swap careers from Corporate to Non-Profit or some other Cause: If so, how?

I worked in the food industry for a while before returning back to school to get a degree in tech thinking it would be my path to a better life. While at first I thought where my career was taking me provided exactly that, I’m absolutely miserable working a corporate job in tech. I’ve seen several layoffs, AI is taking over,...

I would like communities to be a better place for discussion.

Both here and on reddit communities/subreddits, especially big ones, is a difficult place to hold a discussion on the topic of that community. Take for example technology, I could enjoy to discuss anything from SR-IOV to maglev trains. But the technology subs are filled with business news of companies run by eccentric...

Please help: What's your take on woman drinking guy's beer without asking after he starts dancing with her?

Please be kind with me as I am new to this platform. I was at a club when a very handsome guy, totally my type, started dancing with me. I don’t know what gave me the courage to take the half finished beer from his hand and take a sip of it without asking. I then gave his beer back to him, and he said he had to go but will be...

(EDIT: Sadness canceled, read edit) Although relatable, I feel sad beehaw wants to leave lemmy (+ I propose talking to the inital sponsor of lemmy development to get moderation issues fixed)

EDIT: as one of the admins explained below, they plan to migrate to something whitch uses ActivityPub, which means that my concerns are gone. I liked the interactions between servers who are equally wholesome compared to beehaw, which will be possible after the migration because of ActivityPub. So therefore, my sadness is...

Pondering drastically altering my resume after learning an employer that bookended several years of short stints due to layoffs shut down last year

I was the news editor of smaller of the two sister papers from 2003-2006, when I was pushed out by the IT manager (offsite at the other paper). Life conspired to keep me in town, as my fiancee was wrapping her undergrad. I got laid off the next year because the next place I worked shut down. I was able to quickly find a...

Beehaw, what are your thoughts on Thomas Berry's 10 principles?

this is a sort of novel follow up to a question i asked previously, which was your opinion on right of nature laws, which recognize natural entities as having “personhood” or legal rights comparable to humans. Berry was a theologian who wrote extensively on the rights of nature and ecology generally. one of his lasting works...

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