News: Biden supporters exploit Republican’s $1 donation cashback campaign pledge: ‘I gave $1 to you and $20 to Biden’ (

Republican presidential candidate and North Dakota Gov Doug Burgum is offering $20 gift cards to donors who give $1 to his campaign — but some supporters of Joe Biden say they have been funneling the gift card money to the president’s re-election campaign.

News: Special counsel received documents from Giuliani team that tried to find fraud after 2020 election | CNN Politics (

Among the materials turned over to special counsel Jack Smith about supposed fraud in the 2020 election are documents that touch on many of the debunked conspiracies and unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud peddled by former Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.


Gulliani has absolutely flipped on Trump, Trump is utterly fucked and zero lubricant is going to be used.

…(unless by some slim chance fascist dictatorships suddenly come into fashion and he wins the presidency against all odds, and then he can manage to pardon himself and everything will be fine).. this really does seem to be his plan right now, it’s increasingly excellent to watch his desperation increase.

what a fun few months/years going forward we are going to have.



Col3814444, (edited )

Holy fuck, it’s not even mildly subtle.

Also, how dare those Nazi fucks bespoil Kate Bush’s wonderful music like that. I hope she sues the living fuck out of them.

-edit, notice also; ‘Make America Florida’. and ‘God’ superimposed over DeSantis.


Song about a man and a woman changing bodies, no less.


Blame Kristian Sinema, and 100% of the Republicans.


But they’ll vote for him anyway, because “something something baby eating Democrat pedophile vampires”.


Trump and many other Republicans also say this ridiculous statement.

Col3814444, (edited )

This diagram is wrong, it simply wouldn’t work if that was the design. There is no Venturi effect suction power to draw in the cool air.

The wiki has a much better diagram that actually would work ;

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