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There isn’t much else unless we start a revolution.

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@InfiniteStruggle You have to read them in the voice of Steven Wright to get them.

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Yeah, I was kind of wondering what he means by “read.”

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Evidence? You mean the evidence he himself broadcasted around the world?

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Yeah, my mom would say "Where's all the stuff" to refer to buttons, drop-down menus, etc.

LemmyNSFW annouced that they would allow loli/shota and people on other instances did not react positively

there was an update from the admins of lemmy.nsfw where language barriers got in the way and the wrong impression was made, which was quickly addressed by the instance's other admin as well as edited by its' original author....

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They are not just drawings. They are admissions of a crime.

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That is not entirely true. The anthropological and archaeological evidence shows that humans have been omnivores since they first existed, the exceptions being cultures such as the Inuit that live in areas where plants are scarce, but even they eat some plants.

Note that it is true that once humans (really pre-humans) started eating more meat, they were able to extend their range as meat is a denser source of nutrients, but humans are still omnivores rather than obligate carnivores.

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What you need is a degree in anthropology (or similar) since you asserting expertise in history while creating a story about prehistory.

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Perfect, just what I was looking for. I asked ChatGPT this:

Write a termination letter for Spez, CEO of Reddit

Mr. Steve Huffman (aka Spez)
CEO of Reddit, Inc.
1455 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94103

Subject: Termination of Your Position as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Reddit, Inc.

Dear Mr. Huffman,

We hope this letter finds you well. The purpose of this communication is to discuss a significant decision taken by the Board of Directors of Reddit, Inc.

After extensive deliberation, it has been decided to terminate your position as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Reddit, Inc., effective immediately. This decision is the result of multiple rounds of evaluation and strategic assessment of the company’s current position and future objectives.

Throughout your tenure as CEO, your contributions have been invaluable and have driven the company's growth in many ways. You have brought creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of our community that has helped shape Reddit into what it is today.

However, at this juncture, the Board has determined that a change in leadership is necessary to fulfill our strategic objectives and to bring a fresh perspective to our operation.

We sincerely thank you for your dedication, hard work, and the significant contributions you have made to Reddit. We will ensure a smooth transition process and kindly request your cooperation in this matter. Details regarding your termination benefits and any other company-related procedures will be forwarded to you separately.

We wish you all the best for your future endeavors and are confident that you will bring value and dedication to whatever you pursue next.

Please feel free to reach out if you need any further information or clarification.

Thank you for your understanding.


[Your Name]
[Your Position]

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I love NSFW posts, but let’s not scare people away who do not 😀

EU parliament agrees to strongly regulate AI; could impact Stable Diffusion and other image generators (

While the motives may be noble (regulating surveillance) it might happen that models like Stable Diffusion will get caught in the regulatory crossfire to a point where using the original models becomes illegal and new models will get castrated until they are useless. Further this might make it impossible to train open source...

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Yes, this is certainly my worry. Large companies appear to be using the panic about AI to lock in their control over AI.

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My phone OS was a landline, with the only app being a rotary dial.

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It’s not precisely brigading since it’s not coordinated, but it is confusing. I generally don’t go into subreddits/magazines I disagree with and just downvote everything. Maybe another solution here is to allow magazines to not be included in all?


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    I am not a conservative, but I am going to upvote since I am anti-brigading.

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    Welcome to Kbin. I am a man. I have responded 😀

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