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Developer of Deus Ex Randomizer, StarCraft 2 Randomizer, RollerCoaster Tycoon Randomizer, Build Engine Randomizer, and Groovie 2 in ScummVM



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Because if I didn’t use Discord then I would be the only one in the community. Discord has a massive userbase especially with gamers. You give them a Discord link and there’s a decent chance you’ll see them join and post a message. Give them any other link and they’ll never make an account, they probably won’t even click the link to see it.

I provide links for Discord, Lemmy, Kbin, Mastodon, Steam group, and GitHub. I see lots of people come in on Discord, but 0 on the others except for myself lol.

Only the few actual contributors use the GitHub, don’t think I’ve ever seen a non-programmer submit a bug report on my GitHub or use the discussions or leave any comments on releases or anything.

I’m also on Moddb and NexusMods, got a few comments on Moddb, none on Nexusmods yet.

I also have Twitch and YouTube of course, I get small numbers of people commenting on those.

Nobody has even asked for any other type of community, Discord is just want they want. If I just wanted to talk to myself then I wouldn’t bother creating a community/forum at all.

Die4Ever, (edited )
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When taking the geometric mean of all the performance benchmarks carried out, the combination of one Zen 4 and one Zen 4C core was around 84% the speed of two Zen 4 cores – not bad at all for the Zen 4C showing especially with it topping out at 3.7GHz rather than 5.0GHz.

the geometric mean showed 1x Z4 was 3.597, 1x Z4 + 1x Z4C was 5.427, and 2x Z4 was 6.481

so the Z4C core added 1.83 compared to the 2nd Z4 which added 2.884, so a Z4C core is about 63% as fast as a Z4 core with 74% of the clockspeed

so Z4C has about 85% of the IPC as the Z4 core

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94 days (they said 2252 hours in the article) on 28,000 mAh? that means a more normal phone with 5,000 mAh would get nearly 17 days of standby time? I’ve never tried not touching my phone for a full day but I don’t believe that, not with Android running. Maybe if it was untouched and in airplane mode lol.

Protecting user content and data on Lemmy

I see talk here and there about how any company or individual can easily use anything we post on Lemmy however they want. This could include AI training, behavior analysis, or user profiling. With the recent news of Reddit data being sold and licensed for AI training, I thought this would be a great time to preemptively discuss...

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cloning data in that way isn’t legally different than what The Wayback Machine does for other websites, it doesn’t mean a company can just ignore the legal license of the content just because they can get a copy of it

if the only concern was getting a copy of the data, then Reddit wouldn’t be able to sell access to the data for $75mil or whatever, the AI company would just scrape the pages or pay the API fees directly, and then they could even store the data and serve it to other people as a mirror and make some money off of the content with ads too!

same thing with licenses on Git repos, you can’t just clone it and do whatever you want with it, there are laws

Die4Ever, (edited )
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you make a good point about push vs pull, although things are only pushed if someone is subscribed (opt-ed in)

I think the proposal is for licenses to become part of the ActivityPub protocol, so all applications would retain the original license of the content, license would be a first class citizen

although without licenses this is functionally the same as email, I wonder how the laws work for that, for example I don’t think you can just plagiarize something that someone wrote, quoted, or copy-pasted to you in an email if it’s actually copyrighted content like from a book (aka content that had a license)

What game do you recommend someone who likes the mechanics but not the setting of Baldur's Gate 3?

I saw people going on about how great BG3 is on this site, so I thought I’d check out a let’s play to see what all the fuss was about. I immediately fell in love with the graphics and the mechanics, such as the classes, races, spells, dice etc, but I disliked the emphasis on gore/horror in the game, and I know I wouldn’t...

Die4Ever, (edited )
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Ok I actually haven’t played BG3 yet lol, but I’m gonna suggest Freedom Force. It’s a superhero RPG with some cool character building. The game is on Steam and GOG but I see some people saying the GOG version works better out of the box for modern Windows.

It doesn’t have dialog trees though just combat. But it’s not violent, you said you didn’t like the violence. And it takes very little storage space.

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Also linking that post reminded me, hopefully somehow a smoother way to link posts across instances can be worked out (albeit that’s a general federation quirk from what I’ve seen, Mastodon runs into similar stuff sometimes).


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@einat2346 actually dbzer0 doesn’t have access to your IP address, only lemmy.today sees it

for everyone else it’s the instance that your account lives on

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This is interesting. I think I’d rather it just keep my actual web browser app in RAM and always open that with a new tab instead of the basic system web view. Or can you change which web browser app is the default web view? Seems like a waste to keep the web view in RAM and also your web browser app

Why does hosting Lemmy require a display?

I’m trying to set up my own Lemmy server with Docker. I think I have everything set up, but I’m getting an error Cannot autolaunch D-Bus without X11 $DISPLAY. This error kind of makes sense, because I’m SSHing into my server and have not forwarded D-Bus connections, so $DISPLAY is undefined. But why does a Lemmy server...

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what’s your docker-compose.yml look like, and what command are you using to start it?

Played and beat A Link to the Past for the first time! (lemmy.world)

As a big Zelda hater as a kid, I skipped the series completely. I’ve been going through to experience them all in order now. I really enjoyed the first two games of the series so I expected to like this one too. What I didn’t expect is was that it really is one of the best games on the Super Nintendo if not one of the best...

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Definitely check out Zelda Minish Cap, I think it’s up there with Link to the Past

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And then a user copy-pastes all the content onto pastebin or something lol

I guess the more important part might be only allowing posts/comments/votes from actually approved users, this should be good enough for that purpose

Anything more than that just use a local-only private community

Die4Ever, (edited )
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I’m most looking forwards to Deus Ex, Quake, and The Lost Vikings co-op lol

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Android 15 DP1 has added the “notification cooldown” feature I first revealed in the Android 14 QPR2 beta for @AndroidPolice. This feature “gradually lower[s] the notification volume when you get many successive notifications from the same app.”

I’ve wanted a feature like this for so long lol

µ-ziq - Live on Resonance (with a different version of Ease Up VIP) (archive.org)

µ-ziq Live on Resonance online radio. Featuring a great version of Ease Up VIP. This would’ve been played around 2003 to 2005 I think, might’ve been before the release of Ease Up. Notice the ending of Ease Up VIP is a bit different from the release version. I think I prefer this version (maybe just because I heard this one...

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How dare you! Lol

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I love that album, I am a fan of VSnares, but u-ziq was around before VSnares

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