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Why are they remaking Spice and Wolf?

I just saw that for Spring they’re doing a new Spice and Wolf, but it looks like they’re not continuing the story but re-making what already had a pretty good IMO anime with 2 seasons. IIRC That anime was also pretty close to the source material, so I can’t really see what us watchers will get from a remake other than I...

[AnimeHerald] VHS Trading and Fansubs in the Modern Era (

For many anime fans, internet streaming has been a thing for their entire time as a fan. However, before the age of high speed internet, anime had to be consumed quite differently outside of Japan. Take a trip through time with this article to learn about the history of early anime in North America and the avid fans that worked...

Frieren the Slayer (of Basic Shounen Girls) (

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is making waves with its surge in popularity and success, but its impact in anime expands well beyond that. Women and girls in shounen have been written notoriously bad for so long, so for Frieren to come in and smash all other competition (shounen and non-shounen) is pretty notable. Will we learn...

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