Jaysyn, to darksun
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Welcome to the World of Dark Sun zine on I've been an avid Dark Sun fan since the 90's & love playing & discussing it. I'm currently working with a team to create a free 3.5e Dark Sun survival sandbox "persistent world" in the Neverwinter Nights engine.

Jaysyn, to RedditMigration
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I'm trying to migrate / re-create the subreddits I run on Reddit & I'm getting a 429 error during creation.

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HTTP 429 is "Too many requests", so you're spamming your home instance too much & is using bot protection against you.

It's good practice to spread out "big"/"important " requests like this over a period of time on most websites so you don't risk getting IP banned

  • "big" usually meaning rarer requests, also like post creation, image upload, etc. Basically things people don't "normally" do (as opposed to normal things, like scrolling through posts, upvoting, subscribing...)
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