Here are 20 reasons why frameworks make us lousy programmers (

It is not accurate to claim that frameworks automatically make programmers bad. In fact, frameworks are powerful tools that can accelerate development, promote best practices, and facilitate code maintenance. However, it can be argued that overly relying on frameworks without understanding the underlying principles of...

Maximizing Comfort and Style: Why L-Shaped Sofas Are the Trendy Choice

If you're looking to transform your living space into a cozy and inviting haven, look no further than the L-shaped sofa. This versatile furniture piece has been taking the design world by storm, revolutionizing how we arrange our seating areas. With its sleek lines and spacious layout, an L-shaped sofa is not only practical but...

OC D&D Item Card Template v1.1- A Simple, Effective LaTeX Template for Generating Item Cards (

Hey there everyone, I am back with v1.1 of my Latex Template for making D&D Item Cards. I received one major point of feedback from multiple people in the fediverse: make an option for fixing the card dimensions for easier printing and distribution/storage at the table. So that is exactly what I did!...

D&D Item Card Template- A LaTeX Template for making simple, effective item cards by me! (

Hey there programmers, I know this is a more markup/typesetting deal, but I thought there might be people who are interested. After being dissapointed with many of the options out there for making ttrpg item cards, I made a LaTeX template for that exact purpose. I wanted it to be relatively easy to use, generate clean images,...

Scrollbars are becoming a problem (

Scrollbars. Ever heard of them? They’re pretty cool. Click and drag on a scrollbar and you can move content around in a scrollable content pane. I love that shit. Every day I am scrolling on my computer, all day long. But the scrollbars are getting smaller and this is increasingly becoming a problem. I would show you...

eBizInfoSys | Web App Design, Web Development & SEO Services (

eBizInfoSys, located in Pathankot, Punjab, is a reputable offshore software outsourcing company with a strong presence in the IT industry. We specialize in delivering high-quality and professional services, including web application design, website development, mobile app development, digital marketing, SEO, and offshore...

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