La justice annule 15 projets de mégabassines en Nouvelle-Aquitaine ( fr

Mardi 3 octobre, le tribunal administratif de Poitiers a annulé deux arrêtés préfectoraux autorisant la création de quinze mégabassines. Ces réserves, d’une capacité totale d’environ 3 millions de mètres cubes, devaient être installées dans la Charente, la Charente-Maritime, les Deux-Sèvres ainsi que la Vienne....

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    Please respect the rules. If the good news concern too few individuals, don't publish it here.

    Retiring in India No Longer Requires Living with the Kids (

    “Compared with rapidly aging countries such as Japan and the UK, India has a retiree industry that’s still in its infancy, but many operators are ‘expanding aggressively,’ says Rahul Vaidya, a senior director at real estate broker Jones Lang LaSalle. India today has roughly 60 upscale retirement communities, up from 36...

    Sveagruva ferdig ryddet: Norges største naturrestaurering ferdigstilt ( no

    Arbeidet med å tilbakeføre området i Sveagruva og Lunckefjell på Svalbard er nå fullført. Et av de mest omfattende miljøprosjektene gjennom tidene ble gjennomført hele 900 millioner kroner under budsjettet. Denne uken ble arbeidet offisielt avsluttet, med klima- og miljøminister Espen Barth Ei...

    Chicago Has Seen 418 Homicides and 1,988 People Shot This Year, Lowest Numbers Since 2019: Police (

    Monthly CPD data published Tuesday shows that the city has recorded 418 homicides, 1,677 shootings and 1,988 shooting victims in 2023 through the end of August. Each of those totals is the fewest through the first eight months of a year since before the COVID-19 pandemic.


    Why are you saying "finally some good news" ? I have published plenty of them since the creation of this magazine.

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