Does anyone know what will happen to r/lostmedia?

OpposedScroll75, to random

With r/lostmedia becoming... lost, what will happen to the ongoing searches for lost media?

/kbin quick update

As you noticed, I had to temporarily enable DDoS protection. Someone is trying quite effectively to distract me from my activities ;p Unfortunately, this may cause some issues with the federation. I will try to cut off the traffic as soon as possible and return to normal operation. Thank you for all your support and patience! :)


No worries. You're doing a great job. Keep it up.


Probably a good thing for Kbin as lots of Redditors will come to this site as a replacement, myself included (though I'm currently just trying it out).


That's quite simple, actually. It would need to go back to what it was. It doesn't really have to be open source, it just has to be a site where its CEO's only focus isn't milking money but rather improving the site

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