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The types of intelligence (by Mark Vital)

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Necessity is the mother of invention. - Plato

Difference between kbin and lemmy

Lately I often read about being similar to lemmy but more accessible. So I created an account there to check it out. My experience so far is a little mixed. From kbin I can access all Lemmy posts, although I find the interface less intuitive to join new communities. So from the kbin side it feels like an other Lemmy...

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From what I've found thus far:

  • Community is smaller currently due to being newer but connects to the Lemmy, Mastodon, etc communities so it doesn't feel small.
  • Definitely needs a mobile app for collapsing comments, notifications, etc but installing on mobile through the browser works quite well.
  • Would like the ability to delete new magazines to change the URL for instance which I currently can't figure out how to do.
  • Calling communities magazines is a little confusing but nothing serious.
  • The ability to sign up without an email like Lemmy would be a huge bonus.
  • The privacy policy and UI is much nicer than on Lemmy.
  • Signing up is open compared to Lemmy which requires an explanation and review.

Most of these things will likely and hopefully come with time as the platform is developed. Other than that I feel this will most likely be my safe haven from the bs Reddit (fuck spez) has pulled.

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