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You can tell how much money they make off of children, because it must surely be a lot for Facebook to blatantly admit to their misdeeds just to openly fight it like this.

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Bold of you to assume both hands would be on the controller...

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Joke's on anyone who actually thinks GTA 5 isn't already predatory as fuck, and to those excited for anything Rockstar Games has to offer going forward.

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I didn't begin to "hate" Fortnite until Epic began throwing their dirty money around to aggregate unrelated personalities and sullying their otherwise spotless image. Something about Kratos doing ridiculous dances just rubs me the wrong way, and that's only one example.

Beyond that, my "hate" also stems from Epic as a whole being a scummy business. You could say most large-scale games publishers these days are shady and act in poor faith, and you could argue that Epic is merely a consequence of the times and the environment they've grown out of. However, I won't hold them to a different standard just because of that. Epic, EA, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, et cetera; I recognize all their shitty actions and want nothing to do with any of them anymore.

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